Misk Foundation Promotes 10 Saudis to Participate in the UNESCO Youth Forum

“Misk Foundation,” Mohammed bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz non for profit Foundation promotes 10 youths from both genders to participate in the 9th UNESCO Youth Forum, which will be held in Paris, France today and tomorrow. 

The Foundation’s participation in this event comes as part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to develop the youth abilities and encourage them to gain more experience, as well as develop their leadership skills to ensure a better future. This falls in Misk Foundation’s mission to enable the community of advancing in the fields of literature, culture, science, sociology, and technology. The Foundation works on reaching its goal through creating different programs and establishing collaborations with top ranking institutes and establishments in their fields. The foundations also aims to create different opportunities to develop the community through unleashing the potentials of its individuals.

The framework of the UNESCO’s Youth Forum is established around two themes, the first: “youth around the world in the future”, which discusses educational resources, essential skills to build sustainable job opportunities, as well as reinforcing the culture of peace, rights, and liberties. 

The second frame is: “youth around the world solving global climate change,” which aims to increase awareness about the issue through media outlets, and through using local environment resources and suggested solutions by the youths to solve the climate change issue. 

This international forum is an important channel for the qualified youths to send their visions and ideas to decision makers around the world. It also gives a unique opportunity to the participants to develop their abilities, as the forum includes international small groups where they can share their ideas and suggestions. The forum also offers a variety of cultural events that the participants can attend. 

The forum has been held every two years for 18 years, where more than 500 youth participants attend from all over the world. In three days they discuss the ideal ways for the world and for their communities to have a sustainable developing future. The ideas then are presented to donors who can sponsor these ideas in coordination with the participating nations, the recommendations are later presented to the UNESCO General Conference. 

Misk Foundation’s mission it to enable the Saudi youth of advancing in the fields of literature, culture, science, sociology, and technology and focuses on its positive role in being part of developing the knowledgeable and creative community. The foundations also aims to reinforce its capitalism ideas by supporting youths in many vital and developmental fields.