Misk Foundation Organizes 12 Cultural Events in a Week

“Misk Foundation,” Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz non for profit foundation has organized 12 cultural events including 6 workshops and 5 seminars, which have started last Thursday and will continue until March 13, 2016. Misk Foundations’s events represent 75% of the total events organized in accordance with the Riyadh International Book Fair, where 17 guest speakers from across the cultural spectrum have been invited to speak. 

Misk Foundation chose to participate in this event because of its strong believe in the vital role reading has in the development of human beings, and therefore the development of the communities. The foundation’s participation also comes from its confidence in the youths’ ability in being the most creative and the importance to guide that creativity and get to know it up close. This is established by creating an interactive environment readers and help guide them to more cultural production. Some of the seminars conducted will be presented by Mr. Mohammed Alsalim the novelist of (My love if Deaf) and Ms. Asma Alrajih, also a novel writer who published (Jadees) and (When Shadow has Another Shadow).

Misk Foundation’s mission it to enable the community of advancing in the fields of literature, culture, science, sociology, and technology. The Foundation works on reaching its goal through creating different programs and establishing collaborations with top ranking institutes and establishments in their fields. The foundations also aims to create different opportunities to develop the community through unleashing the potentials of its individuals.