3,000 Discuss Utilizing Visual Digital Media to Serve and Develop the Nation

“Misk Foundation,” Mohammed bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Foundation organizes and launches the events of the 3rd Visual Digital Media Forum “Shoof” Sunday evening. Thousands of experts and youths interested in new media participate in this event. Some of these participants are social media experts, leaders in the civil community, representatives of international organizations and guests from UNESCO. 

The chair of the forum’s media committee, Mubarak Aldailej, said: “The forum will open its doors at 4 p.m. until a 9 p.m.. There will be two sessions, the first session is the YouTube title “Shoof” See the Content, and the speakers are: Muayed Althaqafy, Hatoon Qadi, Waleed Alfarraj and Abdullah Almaglooth. The second session is titled “SnapChat” See the Moment and the speakers are: Sultan Alnefaee, Sarah Alwadaany, Abdullah Aljumah and Ahmad Aljebreen. 

There will be also two session presented by Abdulrahman Sandagjy and Sheikh Majed Alsubah titled “Pre-production” and “SnapChat; a Cultural Journey.” In addition, a case study will be presented by Muhammed Jamal titled “I see” from AlArabiyah Channel. 

3,000 youths are expected to participate in the forum from both genders, which will launch a variety of digital media enriching initiatives. 

The Forum aims to highlight the local potentials in the field of visual and digital media, increase awareness among youths and utilize the tools used in this type of media to help them sever and develop the nation. The forum also offers opportunities in making connections and establishing affiliations between companies and young talents in the field. There will be also the opportunity for the participants to take advantage of the initiatives that will be introduced during the forum, which will help those interested in developing their skills in this field. In addition, the forum will give talents a chance to present themselves, and their talents to be discovered. 

“The Forum wishes to help the youth understand the best ways to use technology that will reflect positively on their society and their country. It will also provide different ways to nurture and enable the creative and talented while creating a healthy environment for them to grow,” said Aldailej. 

He also noted that “Shoof” Forums are an annual event, which is organized by “Misk Foundation,” Mohammed bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz non for profit Foundation, which gathers the young Saudi pioneers of the new media, those who have succeeded in leaving a mark in the electronic space, and the ones who have presented creative, artistic and entertaining material that had a reflection on the culture.