Are you ready to deliver the next level of impact in the Kingdom?

To realize the vision and deliver on the Kingdom’s ambitions, Saudi needs bold and relentless leaders. Leaders with different mindsets and enhanced capabilities to effect change.

2030 Leaders intends to select, develop, and support 1,000 Saudi leaders, creating a pool of high-impact leaders who will strongly contribute to accelerating Saudi Arabia’s transformation agenda. 2030 Leaders is a leadership program unlike any other. Its transformative curriculum and world-class ecosystem combine academic prestige with a strong Saudi context, delivered in a uniquely Misk way, and giving access to a lifelong collaborative, influential, and elite alumni community of Saudi Leaders.

The program distinguishes accomplished leaders who aspire to take on senior national leadership roles and deliver the next level of impact.

Learning Outcomes

The program provides a bespoke leadership journey equipping experienced, influential leaders, to challenge convention, lead the nation, and deliver Vision 2030 goals. Participants are selectively chosen to enroll in the program based on the 2030 Leaders Competency Model.

You will…

Gain diverse and strategic insights to implement innovative transformation at scale
Challenge frameworks and solve social and economic problems in the Kingdom
Develop unique competencies designed to drive change in the Kingdom
Be recognized as leaders ready to play a transformative role in realizing Vision 2030
Join an elite group of inspired and experienced leaders in the Kingdom

Become a 2030 Leader

The 2030 Leader is ambidextrous – able to adapt to different settings and act when opportunities arise, without being reactionary. Aside from business and context know-how, they are well equipped with two sets of tools, intellectual flexibility and behavioral flexibility, allowing them to continue to learn, grow, and deliver change at scale, beyond the program’s journey.

These tools are part of the 2030 Leaders program’s unique DNA and set 2030 Leaders apart from the rest.


Learning Journey

2030 Leaders is a five-module, 25-day intensive flagship program spread out over nine months, that selectively develops a new style of Saudi leaders to realize the national transformational effort of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. It is linked with a personalized leadership development track and is anchored with a Capstone project that applies what has been learned to Saudi’s current context.


5 Days – Riyadh


5 Days – Riyadh


5 Days – Barcelona


5 Days – Riyadh


5 Days – Riyadh


Application Process

While it is rigorous and uniquely designed for this program, our application process is also a learning opportunity. We provide feedback and assessment results to all candidates that make it to the advanced stages, whether they are accepted or not.

About the process:

Multiple stages with an evaluation at eachstage
Completed entirely online, including the final interview stage
Acceptance is not automatic, and an admission committee will make the final selection
Complete an online application form and share your qualifying documents.
Online Application
Application deadline:

10 May 2021

Complete a psychometric assessment and a one-way video interview.
Online assessment
Video Submission
Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a final interview held virtually.

Should you successfully progress through each stage, a decision on your placement will be communicated by 30 June 2021.

Academic Partners

Together, our academic partners create a highly innovative,
hands-on, and differentiated approach to the program.


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Join the

2030 Leaders program

  • Are you an accomplished leader with a strong 10+ years track record and leadership experience in private or public sectors (KSA or globally), or have you successfully run your own business?
  • Are you aspiring to take on a senior national leadership role?
  • Are you inspired by Vision 2030 and driven by the desire to contribute to its realization?

Registration Closed on 10 May 2021

Registration will be closed after:


To learn more about this program please join us in our Introductory webinar on April 21 by registering HERE


Yes. Applicants must have a strong command of English. The program is taught entirely in English.

We may ask you for evidence of proficiency.

Yes – the course is designed this way to suit the busy schedule of executives.

Yes. Candidates will need about 25 working days to finish the program. Please note that attendance is mandatory to complete the program and join our prestigious alumni groups (MiSK and Esade). We encourage you to talk with your organization to support your study leave and facilitate your attendance.

Leaders 2030  is primarily an in-person program, with some virtual online components and sessions.

Main modules are planned to be held in-person following best COVID-19 safety practice. However, this is subject to change to address updated regulations or restrictions imposed to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes. The program is exclusively for female and male Saudi nationals.

The program fees are 157,500 SAR. However, it is fully sponsored by Misk Foundation in 2021.

The sponsorship does not cover the cost of travel and accomodation in Riyadh, nor the cost of travel and accommodation in Barcelona and Geneva (5 days).

Yes. We encourage our candidates to get sponsored by their organizations. However, for 2021, Misk is sponsoring the cost of the program  (excluding travel and accommodation costs).