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2030 Leaders

Delivering unparalleled innovation and progress, powered by ambition, diversity and collaboration, Vision 2030 is transforming our nation. To continue this journey of transformation, the Kingdom needs uncommon leaders who exemplify the values and ambitions of Vision 2030.

2030 Leaders is an exclusive world-class leadership development program that will transform exceptional senior Saudi leaders to change history and achieve our one common goal - realizing Saudi’s Vision. No other leadership program is better tailored to the Saudi context and needs of 2030.

Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk” is selecting and developing visionary leaders for 2030 Leaders who encapsulate the spirit of Vision 2030. Could this be you?


Application Eligibility Criteria:

Class Profile



Average Professional Experience


Average Leadership Experience




Program Achievements & Outcomes

Innovative capstone project ideas
Program partners
Reported progress on their career goals
Established cross-organizational collaborations
Have taken more responsibilities at work


  • Customer Success Executive,
    Cisco Saudi Arabia
    2030 Leaders Cohort 1 graduate 

    Hanouf Alajmi

    2030 leaders program is designed to ignite self-reflection, deep leadership analysis and bring out hidden leadership qualities.

    The learning and experience shared from our fellow 2030 leaders is unmatched.
  • President of Saudi Arabia & Bahrain Honeywell
    2030 Leaders Cohort 2 graduate 

    Abdullah Al-Juffali

    It has been a remarkable journey, progressing through diverse educational stages, fostering connections with numerous national leaders, and honing invaluable leadership skills for our professional paths. I take great pride in being a program member, eager to contribute to the transformative journey towards realizing the ambitious Vision 2030.
  • GM Finance
    Saudi Industrial Development Fund
    2030 Leaders Cohort 3 graduate 

    Fahad Alturaif

    Beyond being an educational and developmental expedition, the program represents a cohesive community, linking you with a vast network of professionals and leaders who will shape your career trajectory. Emerging from this journey, you'll not only be better qualified but also equipped as a leader poised to make substantial contributions to our nation's future endeavors.
  • Sr. Director, Sales
    ROSHN Group
    2030 Leaders Cohort 4 graduate 

    Mashael Ghouth

    The 2030 Leaders Program has truly transformed both my professional and personal spheres. I've acquired fresh leadership skills encompassing strategic planning, decision-making, and adeptly navigating workplace challenges. Recognizing the potency of efficient team communication in goal attainment has been enlightening. Moreover, I've embraced the significance of ongoing personal and professional development, now better equipped to set and accomplish my objectives.

    & Leadership

    2030 Leaders is an intensive and immersive leadership building program spread out over a nine-month period. This comprehensive program approaches leadership development through a variety of elements:

    • Five in-person immersive modules (25 days)
    • Virtual inter-module sessions
    • Executive individual coaching sessions
    • Group assignments and hands-on experience that addresses real and complex challenges pertinent to Vision 2030 (The Capstone Project)
    • Leadership assessment and feedback
    • Elective sessions (i.e. Finance)

    The curriculum combines global and local perspectives, drawing strongly on KSA context and experience embedding into the curriculum local case studies, high-profile guest speakers, on-site visits and more from leading organizations to share their insight and experiences.


    Virtual synchronous sessions before and after each module to fully prepare for and to reflect on the learning objectives of the program, impact generated and sharing experiences on participants’ development journey as 2030 leaders.


    Each participant will take an individualized journey to support and sustain their personal leadership development. Through personal and team interaction, they will be challenged to reflect, apply their learning and test new approaches. This will develop skills which will empower faster decision making, especially in complex and ambiguous contexts relevant to Vision 2030.


    This is an integral part of the 2030 Leaders program. It will enable accomplished leaders to hone the appropriate skills and mindsets relevant to the Kingdom and the realization of Vision 2030. 

    Groups of leaders from diverse backgrounds will have the opportunity to leverage different mindsets, perspectives, and experiences to deliver new and innovative solutions that meet real challenges relevant to achieving the objectives of Vision 2030.

    Program Localization

    Program curriculum blends global trends with local content through:

    • Case Studies.
    • Localization Interviews.
    • Guest Speakers.
    • Data & Strategies.
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    Module 01


    Discovering Trends and Leading Self

    Cohort 7 - February 2025

    5 Days
    On-line Bridging Sessions
    00/00/2022 - 00/00/2022

    Module 02


    Understanding Needs and Leading Others

    Cohort 7 - April 2025

    5 Days
    On-line Bridging Sessions
    00/00/2022 - 00/00/2022

    Module 03


    Creativity & Value Deployment

    Cohort 7 - June/July 2025

    5 Days
    On-line Bridging Sessions
    00/00/2022 - 00/00/2022

    Module 04


    Leading Organizations and Building Scale

    Cohort 7 - September 2025

    5 Days
    On-line Bridging Sessions
    00/00/2022 - 00/00/2022

    Module 05


    Preparing for the Future and Managing Change

    Cohort 7 - October 2025

    5 Days
    On-line Bridging Sessions
    00/00/2022 - 00/00/2022


    A pathway to success

    This exceptional program provides a bespoke leadership journey. You will learn to challenge conventions, lead the nation and transform Vision 2030 into a prosperous reality.

    After successfully completing this course, you will develop a set of competencies designed for this program that are unique for Saudi leaders.

    You Will:

    And Intellectual

    Leadership in a changing world

    To be a 2030 leader you will be proactive, innovative, and able to adapt to changing situations so that you can take the initiative when opportunities arise.

    These qualities draw on the strategic tools of Behavioural Flexibility and Intellectual Flexibility and the 2030 Leaders program will develop and enhance these capabilities in a transformational curriculum led by best-in-class partners.

    Behavioral Flexibility

    Intellectual Flexibility


    Stage 01

    Complete an online application form

    Stage 02

    Complete a psychometric assessment

    Stage 03

    Complete a one-way video interview

    Stage 04

    Complete final virtual competency- based interview

    Participants are selected based on several assessments reflecting the behaviours and traits relating to the 2030 Leader Competency model.

    While the application process for the program is rigorous it is also designed to be a learning opportunity. We provide all candidates who have reached advanced stages with feedback and evaluation reports that will help them develop their abilities. This is regardless of acceptance on the program.


    Our academic partners bring their world-class expertise to the program.

    THE 2030 LEADERS


    Registration closes on: 01 September 2024


    Registration Close: 31/05/2023

    Eligibility Criteria

    Register your interest:

    for future cohorts.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Program accreditation

    2030 Leaders Program globally recognized by

    as one of the “Innovations that Inspire”

    Eligibility Criteria


    2030 Leaders Program is a bespoke executive education program designed for 2030 Leaders delivered by Esade and a consortium of partners.
    Once you complete the program, you will obtain a Certificate of Completion issued Misk and an Executive Education Certificate issued by Esade.
    After completion of the program you will become a member of the Esade Alumni network as well as the Misk Saudi Leadership Society.

    Yes. Applicants must have a strong command of English. The program is taught entirely in English. We may ask you for evidence of proficiency.

    Yes. The course is designed this way to suit the busy schedule of executives.

    Yes. Candidates will need about 25 working days to finish the program. Other elements of the program are delivered during the evening. Please note that attendance is mandatory in order to complete the program and join our prestigious alumni groups (Misk and Esade). We encourage you to talk with your organization to support your study leave and facilitate your attendance.

    2030 Leaders is primarily an in-person program, with some virtual online components and sessions. Main modules are planned to be held in-person.

    Yes. The program is exclusively for female and male Saudi nationals.

    The program fees are SAR179,500. However, Cohort 7 is fully sponsored by Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk” in 2025.

    The sponsorship does not cover the cost of travel and accommodation in Riyadh, or the cost of international travel and accommodation for 5 days (approx. SAR 10,000).

    For Cohort 7 in 2025, Misk is sponsoring the cost of the program (excluding travel and accommodation costs). You may ask your organization to sponsor travel costs.

    The program has set minimum criteria that clearly define the nature of 10 years of full-time experience. This excludes coop, internships or research positions etc. Furthermore, leadership experience is defined as serving in a distinctly more senior position than a managerial position.

    You will hear back about your application decision by December 2024 at the latest.