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After a decade of empowerment and impact, MISK celebrates the 10th anniversary of its qualitative achievement, dynamic ecosystem, and the vision of its Founder HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz; God Bless Him. MISK’s anniversary marked years of empowering youth, building their potential, and developing their professional and personal skills, enabling them to lead the kingdom’s future. A vision realized through MISK programs, and creative initiatives shaped the roadmap of positive change and the core of a bright future made by creative youth moving forward towards border horizons.

The founder’s vision for the kingdom’s youth

The story of empowering youth and supporting talents started from the vision of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, which was a continuation of his father’s vision King Salman bin Abdu-Aziz; God bless him.

10 years of inspiring impact

Throughout the years, Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “MISK” continued to lead the Kingdom’s youth towards leadership quality, skill development, leadership determination, and societal sustainability.

A sustainable vision with empowered and advanced goals

MISK strives, through its strategy, to empower inspired leaders who work to find the best solutions for present and future challenges through its tracks and subsidiaries.

An integrated ecosystem

With the days and years passing, MISK became a vital integrated ecosystem, which includes subsidiaries specialized in supporting young talents and building human capital.

The 10th year

Celebration Events and Exhibitions

Reserve your seat.. inspire your mind..

Misk Global Forum

MISK Global Forum is being held in sync with MISK’s 10th-anniversary celebration; to offer a new experience, with the contribution of national and global speakers, along with a conversational journey, discussing essential solutions to keep abreast of future developments and changes.

Each Tour has a Story

Misk’s Tour

 Misk’s Tour aims to reach the largest possible number of Saudi youth on an enriching and amusing journey within the Kingdom. Through the campaign, the Mohammad Bin Salman Foundation “Misk” aims to communicate its impact across all of its programmatic areas. As well as highlighting the
Foundation’s efforts to motivate young people to take part in its new programs to enhance their role in developing the present and building the future.

Each Tour has a Story

A Journey through the Past to the Future

M10: Interactive Exhibition

A series of interactive and digital activities will present a comprehensive view of the past, present, and future of Mohammad Bin Salman Foundation “Misk” through the milestones of the Foundation, its Tracks, and Subsidiaries. Moreover, M10 will be held in conjunction with the Misk Global Forum this year.

Misk Numbers

in 10 Years


Support and Empowerment

Over 10 Years

What they say about Misk Foundation

  • Misk Academy

    Maha Almuhaisen

    I joined Misk Academy in 2021, and its programs greatly contributed to the development of my personal and professional skills, which was reflected in my performance in the projects on which I work
  • Future Seekers

    Ali Al Tamimi

    I've enrolled in ""Future Seekers"" Program at the beginning of 2021 and what I was taught in this program is that with my capabilities I can work and acquire new knowledge different to my college specialization
  • Digital Marketing

    Mohammad Alrizqi

    I joined the Program in 2017. I am currently the advertising manager at the National eLearning Center. This Program was a turning point and has really boosted my career and leadership skills
  • Misk Academy

    Yasir Alnikhly

    I joined two training programs that led to my receiving multiple job offers. I advise all young people to join MiSK Foundation's programs at any stage of their careers.
  • Misk Udacity

    Lama Alsaiary

    My experience in this Program gave me the opportunity to learn data analysis and programming using different programs, and it qualified me to start building my career as an HR Analyst and paved the way to complete my master's degree in business analysis.
  • Youth Voice

    Mahd Althunayan

    I joined youth voice program in 2020 allowed me to formulate my own concepts, and joining the Marketing Program showed me the practical aspect of my studies, leading to my attracting a large number of job opportunities.
  • Business Analysis

    Fahad alnahed

    I joined Business Analysis program at Misk Foundation, which helped me tremendously in improving my skills and launching my career. Now, I work as a business analyst in one of the largest national companies in human resources.
  • Digital Marketing

    Sarah Alhamed

    I joined Digital Marketing Program in 2020 and gained real experience in a short period of time that would otherwise have taken me years to gain. I truly believe that MiSK brings us closer to learning, personal growth and professional progress.
  • Data Analysis

    Mozon Algadyi

    I joined Data Analysis Program in 2020 and came out with a rich experience that contributed to my personal and professional development through a set of modern ideas and models
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Sara Alhaddab

    Misk helped me excel in the artificial intelligence field so I can lead a generation interested in technology. I recommend all the young generation to join Misk programs to boost their skills and capabilities to build our Nation.

    Misk Foundation

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    We Enable The Society To Learn, Develop And Progress In Business, Literature And Culture, And Science And Technology Through Establishing Incubators And Encouraging Esteemed Institutions To Provide An Attractive And Stimulating Environment.