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Great Place To Work

In Misk Foundation we value our employees’ health and wellbeing by securing a safe and positive environment place to work in. We care about our employees’ career growth and provide a structured career path. Employee engagement is very important to our employees to Increase innovation and creativity.


Employees' Thoughts

Head of Organization Development

Saleh Alkhereiji

Joining Misk was one of the best experiences, I have met so many talented people with diverse knowledge and critical thinking skills. The foundation’s culture is very engaging and motivating to learn and advance in your career.

Senior Talent Acquisition Officer

Norah Alshenaiber

I am very honored to be part of a foundation that empowers Saudi youth to become the future contributors of our economy. Also; as an employee of this amazing foundation, Misk has the best work place environment for its employees, it always encourage me to learn, develop and be more engaged with my co-workers.

Content Manager

Anas bin Khamis

The unique working environment encourages individuals to embrace their passion and creativity, and as a result, work with productivity that adds significant value to the foundation



We are on a mission to shape the future of our Kingdom, by unlocking the potential of its future leaders, Saudi Youth

We are proud ambassadors of MiSK, and we act on principle. We take our mission very seriously

We put progress before perfection, and we have the courage to take risks. We are decisive, agile, and iterative in our approach

We empower each other with relevant, transparent, and timely information. We are deliberate, open, and respectful in our communication

We are proactive, resourceful, creative, and self sufficient. We take ownership, and we are persistent until the work is done


Hiring Process

Job Application

You can search and apply for open positions


The job applicants' profiles will be reviewed by the talent acquisition team

Phone screening

If your profile have been selected for the job, you will receive a call from talent acquisition team

Job interview

Once you pass the screening, you will be interviewed


Once you pass the interview, you will be given the assessment

Job Opportunity

Once you pass the assessment, you will be offered a job

Misk employee

Congratulations on joining Misk team

Interview Tips


Employee Benefits

Competitive pay package

Every year, we conduct a market analysis to ensure that we are providing a competitive package

VIP Medical insurance coverage

Because we value our employees' health and well-being, we provide medical insurance for them and their spouses, children, and parents

Education Allowance

Misk Foundation believes in teaching, developing, and empowering Saudi youth to become active participants in the future. That Is Why Schooling Allowance Is A Priority For Us To Provide For Our Employee's Children

GYMs Membership

Health and mind well-being is a very important thing and we encourage our employees to have healthy life choices

Competitive Discount Rate

We provide discounts for the employees and their families on flight tickets, hotels and Bank loans rate

Day Care

We believe in life quality and putting our employees’ children health and safety first. That’s why we provide a professional nursery for our little ones

Long Eid Holidays

We want our employees to be able to spend as much time with their families, relatives, and friends during Eid holidays

Flexible Working Hours

Because we believe that flexibility is an important factor in employee satisfaction, we allow our employees to work from home once a week. This will boost their productivity and reduce workplace stress

Annual Bonus & Increment

We motivate our qualified employees by rewarding them for their accomplishments and linking bonuses and increments to their performance

Career Growth

We have a very clear career structure and every employee has the right to see their career path


We value our employees' well-being by providing nutritious meals and specialty coffee throughout the day


Career Development

E-Learning platforms

Misk offers a range of essential programs and training courses by LinkedIn,Coursera and other accredited centers to all employees

Professional certification programs

Misk offers professional certification program to its employees from all departments, for example: PMP project management professional’s certification for the programs department, CIPD for human resources, etc

General training

Misk provides general training to its employees on a quarterly basis based on Misk competencies

Leadership and coaching programs

Misk offers a range of leadership and mentoring programs and training courses to all employees

Development Programs for Recent Graduates

Intensive training programs for recent bachelor's and master's degree graduates to help them develop their skills and talents

Individual Development Plan

Misk provides its employees with an individual development plan to help them develop their skills and determine their future path


Our Opportunities


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