MiSK Foundation and INSEAD introduce 8 keys to the development of young leaders

In cooperation with INSEAD College, MiSK Foundation concluded the Creative Leadership Keys in Riyadh. The Program ran for 5 days, and included 35 leaders from all around the Kingdom. Participants learned the effective communication skills, motivation technics, management and delegation, organizing team responsibilities, goal setting efficiency, reinforcing institutional, and facing decision making challenges.


During the program, participants who represented government, private, and non-for profit organization learned the 8 Creative Leadership Keys.


The Creative Leadership Keys are on the programs run by the Foundation, to give young men and women the latest international styles of leadership. The development of entrepreneur skills and knowledge will enable young Saudis in the areas of their business, and to encourage them to be creative.


Coach Steffen Schubert who conducted the training talked about these keys and how people should apply them and presented a lot of examples. The program included a variety of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes for effective development of potential participants and their leadership capabilities. Enabling them to discover themselves as leaders on one side, and the nature of the variation of people.


Coach Schubert showcased the most effective ways to form a team capable of achieving their goals. Coach Shubert didn’t miss the chance to stress to trainees how important it is to motivate team members and employees, and stay away from favoritism.


The training program emphasized on successful leader’s obligation to look at situations from multiple dimensions and from different aspects. Accept the views of his team workers, to overcome any obstacles, and be prepared to handle a variety of ways of leading according to the conditions of work and the nature of his team workers. As well as the need for restructuring and rotate cadres to discover everyone’s fit, and retaining the best talents.