MiSK Foundation launches creative leadership keys for 35 young people

Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation (MiSK) has launched yesterday the keys of creative leadership training program, which lasts until next Thursday, the program takes advantage of 35 young men and women from all around the Kingdom, in partnership with INSEAD Global College.
The creative leadership program keys are one of the programs run by the Foundation for providing young men and women the latest international practices in leadership corporation.
The program gives a variety of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes for the effective promotion and development of potential participants and their leadership, and enable participants to discover themselves as leaders and to see the nature of the variation of people and their differences, which should be well recognized and adapted by the leader.
The program also focuses on solving issues and hypothetical situations that involves participants individually and within the mini teams to gain influential real leadership keys.
During the first day, coach Stephen Schubert emphasized the importance of the leader’s personality and how it should be able to diverse different styles of leadership according to the working conditions, giving several examples of leaders who had flexible and strong personalities which led them to be perfect leaders.
Schubert also shared the idea of how leaders can affect their team members positively by communicating with the team, and how it will leave a good impression of the leader.
In the first day, trainees started working on practical exercises. Trainees watched a real life situation about real working team members and shown some of their embarrassing moments, which made the trainers after the show to develop alternative scenarios.
As well to analyze the member’s personality and to know the decisions that led to heterogeneous situations.
The program includes:
Methods to promote effective communication skills
Motivate employees and sharing techniques.
Delegation, managing individuals and responsibilities.
Build and lead teams in creative ways.
Goal-setting and managing personal performance.
Define the role of the practical leaders in promoting values in organizations and create a positive work environment.
How to face the challenges of leaders to make decisions impartially.