100 Saudis among the top 800 students in the world attend Harvard University

Mohammed Bin Salman’s Foundation (MiSK) have chosen 100 high-school students to join the Leadership program at Harvard University’s campus. The Program was held in Boston, MA from Monday the 15th of Ramadhan 1437 H and lasted for seven weeks. MiSK Foundation has an agreement with Harvard University to allocate 12.5% of the 800 seats for MiSK students.

The participation of Saudi students in the Leadership Program is one of the Foundation’s (MiSK) initiatives in partnership with Harvard University, and sponsored by Saudi Aramco. 7000 students from all around the world apply to the program and only 800 applicants are accepted a year.

Harvard University offers more than 200 courses in different fields for the students in the program. Each student chose at least two courses depending on their abilities and skills to study at the university. Leadership Program at Harvard University included activities and events, to demonstrate to the students the university life.

A month ago, the Foundation has held a workshop. Were students gathered to recieve traveling instructions to the United States, how to succeed at Harvard University, and lifestyle Boston. During the workshop, the students learned about MiSK Foundation and were educated about the goals of the Foundation and its acts in supporting youth Saudis and developing their skills.

The partnership between MiSK Foundation and Harvard University reflects the Foundation’s interests in establishing International partnerships, supporting Saudi youth and developing education in the Kingdom.