100 Thousand Visitors at “MiSK Art” in 4 Days and Artists Look Forward to Next Session

Organized by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation “MiSK” on April 4-7, 2017, “MiSK Art” Festival scored over 100 thousand visitors over the course of four days. This huge number reflects the increasing interest of Saudis in visual arts. The participating artists and people interested in arts look forward to the next session of “MiSK Art” festival.
In the festival, “MiSK Art” stage was a linking point between artists and visitors. There were many artistic performances, the most important of which was light painting as visitors interacted with it extensively. During the four days of the festival, the stage was full of people interested in arts even during breaks between the sessions.
As for organizing the festival, male and female volunteers alike played a major role in visitor’s reception, registration, and guidance starting from the streets leading to the festival to the festival’s hallways.
The organizers of “MiSK Art” were keen to provide the opportunity for a large scale of artists to display and sell their artwork by arranging many art galleries.
In 15 sites at “MiSK Art” festival, the organizers installed 15 wall murals that caught the attention of the visitors and enabled them to directly see how artists do wall art and engage with them by asking questions.
For the child area at “MiSK Art,” more than 10 thousand people visited the section. This area was one of the most important parts of the festival because it discovered children’s talents in painting and coloring. It also enabled children to practice paper plate crafts, origami art, and clay sculptures. Children were also engaged in coloring two-meter high wooden sculptures in the form of trees, flowers and cartoon figures.
“MiSK Art” festival also included workshops with the attendance of 868 males and 569 females for four days.

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation “MiSK” announced two initiatives targeting young artists in the Kingdom. The first one aims at launching virtual online stores to display artists’ paintings whereas the second one aims at establishing a visual art academy.

By announcing the two initiatives, “MiSK” Foundation aims to enable young artists to make their way through visual arts, to develop their skills, to improve their talents, and to expand the financial resources from selling their artwork.