Princess Nora’s Palace and Dakhna Gate Models Attract “MiSK Art” Visitors

One of the important messages of “MiSK Art” festival was to combine the legacy of the past and today’s development in a single setting. The festival included heritage sculptures and models that date back to the early 1990s.

The heritage models made of clay were placed in the corner of the artist Mr. Mohammed Alkhamis at the center of “MiSK Art” venue. The sculptures attracted many visitors to visit them.

According to Mr. Alkhamis, there were nine models in his corner including Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman’s palace, a farm, Dakhna Gate, a house from Diriyah town, a living room, Sawani for irrigation, a house from Qassim, and a painting sculptured into a model.

Alkhamis said that he started his art in heritage sculptures twenty years ago and mentioned that he is now planning to open a store for archaeological models.

Mr. Alkhamis concluded his speech extending his gratitude to the organizers of “MiSK Art” for planning the biggest gathering of artists in the region.

In “MiSK Art” festival, 150 Saudi artists,15 artists from Gulf States, and some artists from around the globe participated in the festival. The festival enabled artists to share their artwork in schematic drawing, sculpturing, digital art, animation, and other forms of visual arts. The festival also enabled artists to display and sell their artwork at specialized exhibitions.