A Unique Experience to Build Up Talents at “Misk Storyteller”

At the land of creativity “Hakaya Misk,” “Misk Storyteller” competition aims at creating a new generation that can overcome social phobia, open up to others, and share their thoughts and scenarios.

There is a corner at “Misk Storyteller” titled “Your child can speak up” where children are given the opportunity to face the camera in public and talk spontaneously about any topic they like. After that, the video will be produced and presented to specialists to choose the winning video.

On the other side of “Misk Storyteller,” eleven contestants from both genders compete over the Gold Cloak and a prize of 30 thousand Riyals. Out of 316 applicants, these eleven contestants reached this level after passing complicated preliminaries. The first three places will be selected on Sunday, August 20, 2017, at the theater of Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.

On the brainstorming wall at “Hakaya Misk,” visitors of all ages complete a story about a boy called “Ahmad.” Ahmad has 999,999 followers on one of the social media networks and he was eagerly staring at his phone waiting for the millionth follower. Suddenly, he receives a phone call from an unknown number saying: “Welcome to the Million Club. Please join our periodic meeting tomorrow night.” From this point, participants use their imagination to complete the story in a creative and interesting way. Participants’ stories are posted on the wall for the public; then they will be presented to the jury.