Fans of “Plot” Writing Attend “Scenarist” Workshop

On the first day of the festival, visitors to “Hakaya Misk 2” attended the “Scenarist” workshop and explored their passion in learning how to write plots by the novelist Mr. Ali Al-Ayed.

The festival’s spontaneous atmosphere contributed to creating a suitable environment to learn the basics of professional writing and the mechanism of turning ideas into a drama scene and an artwork.

Attendees learned the different schools of scenario writing, the most prominent of which are the English and French schools. The former excels in the genres of action and drama, making it the most adopted school in writing plots, acting, and producing.

The “Professional Writer” workshop was successful in translating the objectives of “Hakaya Misk,” which are generating and shaping ideas into scenarios and teaching attendees the difference between stories and scenarios. A story is a narration of a sequence of events whereas a scenario is a reflection of a complete scene including the exposition, characters, rising action, climax, falling action, and finally resolution.

The high number of attendees to the “Scenarist” workshop indicated that youth between 17-53 years old are interested in scenario writing and they need support and guidance to invest in their potentials.