Alawwad at Hakaya Misk 2: We Are at Media War

At the second session of “Hakaya Misk” festival, His Excellency Awwad Alawwad,  the Minister of Culture and Information, pointed out that Saudi Arabia is the largest market in the region and possesses the best national competencies.

He added, “The Saudi Vision 2030, led by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, implements a comprehensive strategy linked to a clear executive plan that is being already implemented on the ground in various fields.”

His Excellency also explained that creating content is the basis of the profession of media. For this reason, the Ministry aims at boosting interaction with content creators in the private and new media sectors to be agents to make the desired change in media discourse and to overcome relying on traditional content for a stronger influence and effectivity.

Dr. Alawwad also said, “The upcoming stage will witness a new media strategy based on youth as a key factor. It also includes restructuring and organizing the media sector leading the Kingdom to be a media pioneer.”

His Excellency indicated that our voice must be heard and we should not leave a void to be filled and used by others.

His Excellency concluded, His Excellency asserted that there is no room for neutrality in such circumstance because our security and sacred lands are a red line that cannot be crossed. Today, our Saudi media is taking a new turn by being an effective tool to defend our country.