Providing children with the opportunity in Awalmna (Our Worlds)

The Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Misk Foundation unveils, at King Fahd Cultural Center next Saturday 5 Jumada II 1438AH corresponding to 4 March/2017AD, a new innovative scene, as part of its ongoing initiatives. The event is titled Awalmna, under the slogan “I follow my instinct”, in order to shed light on children’s creativity, and reveal exceptional talents, on a platform that also aims to inspire and encourage children to be creative and motivate them to develop their skills.

Inspiration and Entertainment for Children:

The Foundation highlighted, in a statement it issued, that the event to be held next Saturday at noon, will enable children to try out different roles through speech, acting and performance movements, as it will highlight their creative experiences in innovation.

It further stated that “it is an entertaining and inspiring initiative by children for children, providing an interactive platform with sessions featuring exceptional children who will present their skills in various area in front of their friends and families on stage”.

Magical Worlds:

It also underlined that “Misk Foundation aims through this event to motivate the child to listen to his inner voice in order to draw energy and emotions from the depths of his soul, to train the child to use self-learning tools, to develop his ideas and create magical worlds that allow him to see reality with fresh, creative eyes. It also aims at empowering the child to showcase and share his creations in front of his friends and family”.

Authenticity in Content Creation:

It added that “Misk is keen to introduce and encourage creative children, and open up new horizons of success to them, with the participation of a number of children and their parents, in addition to education specialists. It also seeks to create an entertaining and inspirational community that enhances authentic aesthetic values: Awalmna cares about authenticity in content creation and audiovisual production, and includes children’s innovations and talents in the various artistic, cultural and educational fields”.

Misk Foundation believes that, as children make up a high proportion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s population, it is an obligation to take care of them, listen to their ideas and orientations, share their experiences and spread inspiration and motivation among their generation.