“MiSK Foundation” supports creative writing among young people

In its efforts to enrich the culture and knowledge aspects among the youth of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation “MiSK” participated for the second time in a row in the activities of the Riyadh International Book Fair 2016. A cultural Impact variety distributed between customized seminars for experiments Youth, and workshops for the development of the cultural inventory and writing creative. MiSK Foundation introduced a new corner this year for children to encourage the young minds to read more. The corner was positively received by the exhibition visitors.
The purpose of MiSK Foundation participation in The Book Fair is to get the young innovators in the fields of literature and culture involved with the local cultural scene. And to discover the youth energies in the fields of literature and writing, and give youth a chance to appear in the Book Fair exhibition.
MiSK Foundation organized five seminars and five workshops as part of the cultural program for the exhibition International Book Fair. The first workshop title was “writers and publishers, Copyrights beats prints,” The second seminar talked about “Literature of young people between the value and consumption,” and the third “writing challenges and fears of failure”, the fourth title “First Version. Friends and enemies”, and the fifth workshop comes under the title “Interactive text, The new School of critique.”

The 1st workshop address how to acquire a book, the 2nd deals with cultural uses, the 3rd was about the keys of article writing, the 4th under the title “creative writing experience”, and the 5th “Reading, the path from knowledge to practice”.
In parallel with the seminars and workshops, the Foundation held a children section which offers for its visitors a variety of events under the title “Once upon time”.

The children section also includes useful activities and games for the children such as memory, cup and balance, and acting games. Where children learn the principles of skills in creative writing and cartooning.