MiSK Foundation train its visitors on the art of writing

Visitors of Riyadh International Book Workshop interacted with the workshop that which was organized yesterday by Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “MiSK” under the title “writing keys”. Paring the workshop, visitors were walked through the process of writing from creating the idea to the writing stage.
Throughout the workshop, the audience had mixed reaction for the workshop presenter Abdulrahman Marshood’s talking points. However, the audience seemed to agree with the presenter’s points of view on writing fundamentals, whether it was in regards of the idea, substance of the article, writing tone, or methods of grabbing the readers’ attention. Which tells the high level of awareness the audience had about creative writing.
Marshood said that the article comes from an idea, then the writer should find the connection between the idea and the article, selection of vocabulary and sentences within an interesting method does not get boredom for the reader.
Each part of column has its own function and application. The introduction introduces the writer’s idea, while trying to catch the attention of the reader without being too long. The writer’s challenge is to “hook” the reader with the first three lines.
With to regards the body of the article, the writer has to argue his/her point from all aspects. The body should contain all the writer’s evidence and testimonies, to make it the most extensive part of the article.
Marshood have shown the importance of the impact that the writer should leave in his readers, and summarize all what is written in an opinion or recommendation.
Body Paragraphs: