“Misk Foundation” Signs Partnership Agreement with UNESCO to Support Youth and Spread Knowledge

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz “Misk” Foundation signed a partnership agreement with the UNESCO for five years starting from 2016 to design and launch joint programs in education, culture, and media. The agreement also aims at supporting youth, improving joint projects, establishing a mutual consultation mechanism, developing the human potential, and creating knowledge-based societies.

The agreement was signed in Paris by Mr. Bader Alasaker, Misk’s Secretary General, and Ms. Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. This agreement translates the constant cooperation between both parties as “Misk Foundation” is the first Saudi philanthropic foundation to be registered in the UNESCO as an international non-governmental organization and a strategic partner in the International Youth Forum organized biennially by the UNESCO.

Signing this agreement with the UNESCO is a major step towards Misk’s effective participation in strategic partnerships with international organizations and the expansion of its role and influence at the international level. This partnership also activates the influential role of Misk Foundation in project management and allows the Foundation to participate in the Organization’s meetings.

By signing this agreement, Misk Foundation became the UNESCO’s flagship platform in Saudi Arabia for executing global activities, especially in the fields of education and culture. This agreement also gives Misk Foundation an international dimension which allows the exchanging expertise and participating in joint activities with the UNESCO’s international non-governmental organizations.

Additionally, the partnership with the UNESCO allows Misk Foundation to establish a mechanism to attract young potentials to represent the Kingdom and participate in UNESCO’s international forums.  It also opens the door for youth to participate in the development of UNESCO’s strategies and programs worldwide.

Reportedly, there are 319 non-governmental institutions in the UNESCO, 9 of which are Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia’s “Misk Foundation.”