Misk Foundation showcases success stories of people with disabilities in forum titled “Sharek Qudrah”

The Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Misk Foundation is organizing a forum called Sharek Qudrah (Share an Ability) this coming Saturday. This youth forum aims to showcase unique experiences in the field of disabilities, while promoting successful role models in society, as well as re-enforcing the importance given to people with disabilities, and highlighting the active role they play in a number of fields.

With the participation of about 10 distinguished personalities who have been successful in a number of fields, the forum will discuss -through several inspiring sessions and talks- how to face difficulties, as well as how to bring out and foster talent and creativity in all individuals, in addition to presenting stories and experiences of persons involved in these aspects.

Yousuf Al-Hammadi, Director of Media and Public Relations at Misk Foundation, said speaking about the forum, that Misk Foundation seeks to the re-enforce the importance given to persons with disabilities, and reduce the gap between their reality and their aspirations, adding: “during this forum, their basic needs will be brought to light, through listening to these individuals and communicating with them, in order to help them surpass anything preventing them from doing well and succeeding, in addition to helping them overcome any difficulties and obstacles that they face, in order to achieve optimal levels of quality of life.”

Al-Hammadi underlined that the forum’s objectives include reinforcing the confidence of persons with disabilities, honing their interests, and underscoring their active role in society, in addition to highlighting their talents and creativity. He also pointed out that the forum includes a diverse range of sessions including screening movies on the role of charities in society, as well as inspirational sessions featuring talks by successful persons with disabilities. This is in addition to a discussion session and an entertainment portion. The forum is expected to host personalities that are active and influential in both the humanitarian and the social fields.

Al-Hammadi said that the Share an Ability forum falls within the scope of Misk Foundation’s care for youth across societal demographics, highlighting success stories and creating a space for inspiration, motivation and encouragement, in order to have a positive and interactive influence among youth. The forum also seeks to provide a healthy environment to empower creative youth and give them the opportunity to present their unique stories, particularly those of this especially beloved segment of society that is characterized by ambition, determination and the drive to overcome challenges.