Misk Foundation Offers 100 Seats to Saudis to Study at Harvard

Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation has made the opportunity of enrolling in the Harvard Summer school program available to local High schools students. Outstanding students from over 50 countries will be competing for 800 seats in the program and 100 of these seats have been allocated to Saudi students due to the collaboration established between the Foundation and Harvard.

“Misk Foundation,” Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz non for profit foundation, has called on all gifted and talented students who are interested in the program to visit its website www.misk.org.sa fill in the application in English and attached all required documents during the month of January as the deadline is January 30, 2016.

This program was established as part of the “leader development” program which is one of Misk Foundation’s initiatives. The foundation chose to collaborate with Harvard, because the program is one of the best programs internationally, which prepares students and introduces them to the college life, in addition to the knowledge that can be absorbed from an Ivy League establishment. This will help student launch their futures in different academic and scientific fields.

More than 7000 students apply to the program from over 50 countries but only 800 are accepted.

The program is expected to start on June 20, 2016 and continue for seven weeks. The school offers more than 200 courses from different fields which are made available to the students to choose from according the their interests, capabilities and skills.

Misk Foundation’s mission is to enable the community of advancing in the fields of literature, culture, science, sociology, and technology. The Foundation works on reaching its goal through creating different programs and establishing collaborations with top ranking institutes and establishments in their fields. The foundations also aims to create different opportunities to develop the community through unleashing the potentials of its individuals.