Misk Foundation Launches a Creative College Prep Program in Riyadh

Misk Foundation celebrated the completion of the Sandhurt Military Academy Character-Building Boot Camp, one of Misk Fellowship and Traineeship programs to prepare high school students for university environment, on Saturday, 24 November 2018, at Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana, Riyadh.

The program presented Sandhurt Military Academy experience and was conducted by Inspirational Development Group (IDG). The first part of the program was launched in the UK in June, while the second part was conducted in Riyadh. The aim of the second part was to introduce students to leadership skills, teamwork, and character building by focusing on communication, conflict management, business and innovation awareness, personal flexibility, and understanding the impact based on the latest international studies that aspire to help them adjust to university life.

This program is one of Fellowship and Traineeship programs that support Saudi youth leadership based on Misk Values, such as global citizenship, learning, respect, and cooperation, through which a broader view of global cultures and social norms is given to shape a bright future for the Kingdom.

More than 120 students attended the two-day program which included several activities, workshops, lectures, training, and interactive activities.

Misk Foundation seeks to launch initiatives and encourage learning and innovation by providing the necessary support to nurture and empower talents and creating a healthy environment for their growth. Misk Fellowship and Traineeship programs focus on providing training opportunities for Saudi youth, high school students, undergraduate, and postgraduate students, as well as employees, to qualify them and develop their professional skills through partnerships with the world-class companies, organizations, and educational institutes.