Misk Foundation Launches “NeverDisconnect” Online Campaign

In extension to its significant role in supporting education and development, the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation ‘Misk’ launched ‘NeverDisconnect’ online campaign website in a move to support government measures taken to contain the current health crisis and control the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. The website acts as a hub for Misk’s diverse initiatives and programs relating to the campaign, enabling society members to easily access and benefit from the available educational and developmental opportunities.

Through its Centers and subsidiaries, Misk Foundation offers a wide range of educational, technological, developmental, and artistic online programs and courses to encourage youth to never stop chasing their dreams, sharpening their skills, and looking for new opportunities. The campaign also includes initiatives that seek to turn this crisis into an opportunity and promote the participation of all society members in community service through various training and volunteering opportunities.

‘NeverDisconnect’ campaign invests in the current circumstances and urges society members to stay positive during the Coronavirus pandemic by clinging to their dreams and aspirations to prepare them to return to normal life after the pandemic has ended. The campaign also presents an opportunity to leverage and employ technology to share knowledge and education anywhere and anytime while reaching the largest segment of society. 

This comes in a call by Misk Foundation to overcome the standing obstacles, to continue self-development under any circumstances, and not to surrender to global challenges.