Misk and the Emirates Youth Council to Cooperate in Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Misk Foundation will cooperate with the Emirates Youth Council in developing initiatives that support talent, creativity and innovation among Saudi and Emirati youth.

The two parties signed a Memorandum of Cooperation yesterday in Dubai, focusing on areas such as education, knowledge, entrepreneurship, and social engagement.
This came on the margins of the fifth session of the World Government Summit.

The Memorandum was signed in the presence of UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It was signed on behalf of Misk by its Secretary General, Bader bin Mohammed Alasaker, and on behalf of the Emirates Youth Council, by the Minister of State for Youth of the UAE, H.E. Shamma Suhail Al-Mazrui.

Alasaker stated that this cooperation with the UAE reflects broad opportunities for the exchange of experiences and information, as it contributes to increasing levels of innovation and entrepreneurship.
He also underlined that the UAE has a proven track record of leadership in the development of programs and strategies relevant to youth affairs and their issues, explaining that “from our point of view at Misk Foundation, this cooperation will constitute an influential response and offer satisfactory solutions to the requirements of youth in both countries, and will reflect their vision on various aspects of life” .

Minister Shamma Al-Mazrui, for her part, explained that the Memorandum “formulates a partnership and umbrella of cooperation between Saudi and Emirati youth who have a lot of dreams and aspirations in common, and to support them through initiatives that empower them in the areas of technology, sustainability, innovation and exploring future business opportunities. This can be done by looking at local experiences that made a difference in the lives of the youths, as well as through reviewing best practices and investing in them in order to motivate youth all over the world”.

The Memorandum of Cooperation aims at developing a common plan between the youth of both countries, in order to improve entrepreneurship, incorporate Saudi and Emirati values into youth’s daily lives and instill them in future generations, in addition to encouraging cultural exchange, while learning about best practices in promoting knowledge and expertise on the global level and exchanging them in order to contribute to the success of Saudi and Emirati youth experiences.

The World Government Summit attracted more than 4000 distinguished personalities from more than 138 country, which reflected its prominent position on both the regional and international levels, and the importance grant to it by governments, world organizations and public and private sector institutions, in addition to decision-makers, businessmen, academics, college students and innovators.

The Summit hosted 150 speaker in 114 sessions, shedding light on the world’s most urgent challenges and sharing best practices and modern solutions to deal with them.