“Hakaya Misk” Festival Sheds Light on Youth Creativity Once More

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz “Misk Foundation” is adding the final touches to the “Hakaya Misk” festival to be launched on Monday, August 14, for seven days in a row. The new session of the festival is organized as a result of the significant turnout of the previous sessions in six cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The festival aims at shedding light on young innovators in various fields of interest, allowing open communication between visitors and participants, and creating purposeful content for youth. Hakaya Misk is a pioneering platform for creating innovative content by combining education and entertainment at the same time. This year’s session is marked by the addition of a collection of GCC films and “Qat wa Qat” play, which is inspired by the heritage of the Arab Peninsula.

The festival also offers multiple workshops presented by leading global digital companies, such as Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and masterclasses presented by an elite group of global specialists from New York Film Academy.

For the first time, “Misk Storyteller” competition will take place at the festival. The competition is mainly based on participants’ ability to tell a story is a creative and entertaining manner.

The festival is expected to witness large presence of TV channels, local and international networks, prominent Arab journalists and social influencers, and official agencies such as: The General Authority for Entertainment, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, Saudi Telecom Company, Saudi Research and Publishing Company, MBC Group, Alarabiya, And al arabia – Arabian Contracting Services.

A new idea is introduced at this year’s session as there are four diverse gates to the festival: professional writer, painting squares, animation factory, and production studio.  Each gate will guide visitors to activities, workshops, and platforms related to each section.

It is worth mentioning that “Hakaya Misk” festival is held in Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center and entry is free of charge. Visitors will enjoy diverse kinds of food and beverages from the food trucks situated outdoor.

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