A Lady Travels 1500 km by Land to Participate in “Hakaya Misk” at Tabuk

A medical student and a visual artist, Ms. Nada Mohammed Salem, traveled for more than 1500 km from the Southern Region by land to display her paintings at “Hakaya Misk” Festival in Tabuk. The Festival was held at Prince Sultan Cultural Center and organized by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation “MiSK.”

The Artist Nada said, “I was keen to participate in this session of “Hakaya Misk” Festival because it is a great opportunity for us as artists to display our work. I had the privilege to participate in this event and to share my talent with the massive number of visitors.”

She added, “I came to Tabuk form Abha with my brother because I was not able to participate in “Hakaya Misk” Festival in the Southern Region last year.”

Commenting on her talent, Nada said, “My paintings combine between visual art and handicrafts, and I paint using acrylic colors and other types as well. I also paint on wooden boards and work on copper models. To me, each type of visual arts creates another unique type of arts and improves my talent. I am also keen to invest my talent in such festivals that create a real opportunity for all talented young people. I started practicing my painting skills about two years ago by making models, including the model of the “Two Jaws,” which is inspired by my specialty in dentistry. The model imitates the jaws of children as both primary teeth and permanent teeth reside in the mouth. From this model, visitors can understand the medical side of this piece of art. There are also many other expressive paintings in which I used nails and wool to create a visual image, in addition to painting on wood.”

Ms. Nada expressed that participating in the Festival was a wonderful experience she had always dreamed of. What made her even prouder of her art pieces is the remarkable turnout at her corner. Finally, Ms. Nada thanked the organizers of this Festival from the “MiSK Foundation” for allowing the chance to participate in the activities of “Souq Misk”.

The “Hakaya Misk” Festival reflects the efforts exerted by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation “MiSK” to foster the Saudi society by organizing entertaining and developmental events for all groups in society.