“MiSK Foundation” Encourages Children to Unleash Their Creativity

Organized by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz “MiSK” Foundation, “Awalemna” is an educational event focusing on unleashing children’s creativity through utilizing four types of power; education, donorship, willingness, and imagination. the event aims at creating the opportunity for children to uncover and share their talents with other children to motivate the young generation to be creative and knowledgeable. Over two thousand people, mostly children, attended the event in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reap the benefits of the creative messages and insights delivered by other talented children.

At “Awalemna” theater, over 42 talented children presented their talents on stage at Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University, including comedy shows, illusion shows, inspiring speeches encouraging children to read and expand their knowledge.

The four areas of focus at “Awalemna” were carefully chosen for their valuable implications on children. Education, the first power, is the key to success and requires hard work to gain knowledge.  The second power, donorship, implies being able to leave a positive impact by helping others, whether at school, home, or in the neighborhood. The third power, willingness, translates being patient and up to the challenge for the sake of achievement. The fourth and last power, imagination, means being able to picture the future and creatively solving the obstacles standing on the way of success.

At one of the sessions of the event, the Saudi talented child, Mona Almawwash, presented her talent in explaining mathematics. She also has a Snapchat account, with over one thousand followers, to explain and facilitate understanding mathematics for other children. Moreover, Sawsan Almalki painted the logo and name of “Awalemna” event while telling her story and passion about painting in a background recording.

The event also hosted children who have been through difficult times and how they used it as a motivation of development and improvement. An example of that is a child whose father suffers from cancer. The child and his siblings were always trying to make their father happy to help him recover from his illness. This contributed to generating a positive energy at their house making his father happier in spite of his illness.

Abdullah Aljasser, on the other hand, is a twelve-year-old child whose passion in gaming lead him to research how video game systems work and how to program and operate robots, which made him able to program robots through cellphones.

By organizing “Awalemna” event, “MiSK Foundation” exerts its efforts to foster talented children and to improve and empower them for a bright future. “MiSK Foundation” also believes that children represent high percentage of the Saudi population, making it crucial to invest in and foster their talents and capabilities.