Misk Welcomes Young Gulf Innovators at Hakaya Misk Abu Dhabi

In partnership with the Arab Youth Center, the Prince Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation organized “Hakaya Misk” event from November 29th to December 1st, 2017 at Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi.

H.E. Shamma Al Mazrui, Minister for Youth in the United Arab Emirates, expressed her pleasure for cooperating with the Misk Foundation to organize “Hakaya Misk” outside the lands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time in Abu Dhabi. She also highlighted the common vision between Saudi Arabia and the UAE which focuses on fostering young talents and encouraging youth to participate in their societies actively.

The “Hakaya Misk Abu Dhabi” consists of eight main activities: the professional writer, painting square, animation factory, production studio, the young author, Hakaya digital, Hakaya media, Souq Hakaya, Hakaya factory, and Hakaya Almorabteen.

At the “Professional Writer” section, talented authors and creative young visitors are offered workshops on writing skills and content development. Visual inspiration and colorful imaginations are found in the “Painting Squares” as professional artists and young artists exchange ideas, expertise, and techniques using the language of colors. Workshops on painting, artists’ platform, wings for art companies, artists’ market are all available in this section.

At the Animation Factory, those who admire this type of arts gather to share and exchange their expertise, visions, and techniques to inspire and encourage youth to be creative. The Animation Factory consists of four sections: workshops on animation production, wings for animation companies, animation platform, and animation market. At the Production Studio, junior producers are offered the best opportunity to meet professional producers and share their experience, inspirational stories, and modern technologies in filming, cinema lighting, and movie production. This section offers four sections: Production workshops, production platform, production wings, and producers’ market.

At this session of Hakaya Youth, young storytellers utilize social media platforms to retrieve the traditions of oral narration of stories and tales from the Arab heritage, global history, and human experiences all in all. Hakaya Digital is characterized by the presence of the world’s leading social network development companies which are the main source to promote the festival globally through video, audio, and photo. “The Young Author” wing is dedicated to children aged between 7-14 years old. At this wing, young visitors will thoroughly experience every stage of making comics. By the end, young visitors have their comics printed and ready for publication.

At “Hakaya Almorabteen,” soldiers form the Arab Coalition in Yemen share their stories and experiences at Hakaya Almorabteen stage. Many established media companies, such as Alarabiya channel, are participating this year in “Hakaya Misk” for the first time to share their experience in story making and content development with the visitors. The “Hakaya Misk” event also hosts numerous professional authors, photographers, performers, producers, and directors at “Hakaya Factory” to present a collaborative live show about turning ideas and thoughts into a complete picture and story.

“Hakaya Misk” is a pilot Saudi initiative organized by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation to foster the talents of storytelling, production, and direction. This event represents the largest gathering of young talents from GCC countries and the whole world to exchange expertise through inspiring platforms and workshops.