Misk and MOE Signed Agreement to Send 100 Students to Top International Universities

H.E. Mr. Bader Alasaker, Secretary General of Misk Foundation, and Dr. Ahmed Aleisa, the Saudi Education Minister, signed a cooperation agreement between the Prince Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation and the Ministry of Education (MOE) to send 100 exceptional students annually to study at top international universities. The agreement was signed on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, at the Ministry of Education’s headquarters in Riyadh.
This comes as a result of launching Misk Foundation Fellowship, which works with students to transform their intellectual dreams and visions into unique, executable plans. The agreement stated that students should meet the qualifications proposed by the MOE within the most needed specializations in the marketplace and top international universities.
The agreement also provided that Misk Foundation should determine the specializations, educational levels, and number of students to be sent abroad. The two parties also agreed that the MOE is responsible for approving the annual list of candidates for the undergraduate and graduate programs, in addition to coordinating with the Cultural Missions to organize training courses for the students while they study abroad.
The terms of the agreement also stated that Misk should participate in keeping up with the students and providing them with training and guidance to meet the objectives of the Fellowship program. Misk Foundation is also in charge of coordinating with recruiters in Saudi Arabia to create job opportunities for students in line with their areas of expertise.
Misk Foundation Fellowship, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, seeks to transform Saudi Arabia by developing a powerful network of leaders who will work together to address Saudi’s greatest challenges and accelerate the country’s growth trajectory by creating a knowledge-based economy building areas of expertise where Saudi Arabia will lead the world.