Misk Foundation Launches (College Prep) Program to Prepare High School Students for Next Journey

Misk Initiatives Center opens the door for registration in the ‘College Prep’ fellowship program with the aim to upskill, qualify, and help high school students secure their places at prestigious, top ivy league/Russel group US/UK universities.

The program is designed to equip participants with a cluster of tools and training courses throughout their high school journey and to build their skills and character to help them start their college journey. This comes in a step to best prepare them for the next milestone and to help them receive admissions from tier-one universities, including Stanford University, Princeton University, John Hopkins University, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, etc.

Organized by the ‘Human Capital Development’ department, Misk offers a 2-year ‘College Prep’ program with training courses, coaching sessions, and summer programs through which students dive into an immersive educational journey to help them set their academic preferences and future aspirations.

The ‘College Prep’ program − announcing the accepted candidates in February 2021 − offers a range of challenges and real-life experiences to expand participants’ horizons and mentally and academically prepare them for the rigorous academic environment.

The ‘College Prep’ program comes among a series of fellowship programs organized by the ‘Human Capital Development’ department in an effort to build capabilities and unleash the potentials of the next young generations to become leaders, creators, and innovators in various areas of knowledge in light of the Saudi Vision 2030.