Private-to-Public Transitions

The launch of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 in 2016 and the associated restructuring of government institutions have led to a number of dramatic shifts in public sector institutions. A notable phenomenon in the context of these developments has been the recruitment of private sector executives for leadership positions in the public sector, which reflects strategic objectives to promote a new mindset in public sector leadership and enhance public-private networks and partnerships. This transition, however, undoubtedly requires a good deal of adjustment by former private sector leaders as they confront various organizational, cultural and personal challenges that may differ dramatically in nature and scope from what they were accustomed to in the private sector. This publication sets out to investigate those challenges and understand the lessons learned from those who have successfully navigated that journey. The aim is to benefit both current and recent private sector recruits who are about to embark on similar journeys and to enrich leadership research in the Saudi context.
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