Cognitive Debates in Fourth Session of Tweeps

Among the activities of “Tweeps” Forum, an event organized by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz ” MiSK” Foundation, many social media influencers participated in three sessions, each holding a main hashtag in three areas: Education, culture, and media.

The first hashtag was concerned with education. It discussed the ideas, issues, and suggestions in social media in regards with education. This session also tackled how to improve education through social media platforms.  Dr. Ghadah AlGhunaim, an activist and specialist in education, and Mr. Othman AlKasabi, an investor in education, participated in this dialogue with the moderator, Mr. Khalid Madkhali.

The second hashtag, however, revolved around culture and aimed at enriching youth’s minds through knowing how to deal with social media platforms. It also aimed at increasing youth’s awareness on the discussions held on social media platforms and how to accept the different other. Additionally, the session discussed the cultural scene on Twitter and the impact of social media platforms on intellectuals. Mr. Mofeed AlNowaiser moderated the session and interviewed two writers, Mohammed AlSaif and Abdulaziz Asuwayed.

As for the thrid hashtag, the Journalist Adhwan AlAhmiri and the Youtuber Shoaib Rashid were interviewed by Salah AlGhaydan to discuss the young talents in media that social media platforms surfaced. The session also tackled the content presented by those young people over social media platforms.

At the last sessio of the Forum, Sheikh Saleh Al Maghamsi, the Imam of Quba Mosque of Medina, made a speech entitled “Glowing Words” concerning the principles of balanced dialogues  and how to use social media platforms without breaching ethics. Ms. Kinda Ibrahim, a Leading Twitter MENA Media, discussed the role of Twitter in creating a cultural link between community members and the uses of Twitter in general sharing Twitter’s future vision.

The Forum highlighted three points: fostering creativity, harnessing new ideas and opportunities, and taking advantage of the experiences and expertise. Tweeps Forum was an interactive event gathering officials and young social media influencers to discuss and share their experiences and inspiring ideas.

At this Forum, “MiSK Foundation organized numerous intitatives and workshops in digital media targeting small and medium-sized enterprises to show them the best practices in digital media, and in Twitter in particular for being an open platform for enterprises.

The workshops tackled content industry, problems and issues of digital media, and advertising solutions to provide youth with the skills of creating a digital content on social media platforms. They also aimed at helping young people to gain the best practices in sharing and interacting with others and how to reach the targeted population.

The Forum also offered the intitiative of intensive training cources organized in partnership with Harvard University for 40 young people to develop social and digital strategies of customers and the market place and  to improve the skills of identifying customers’ needs.