Never Disconnect and stay tuned for more initiatives programs challenges

Creativity.. Unbound by distance..

Even when we close our doors and isolate ourselves from the outer world, our passion cannot be suppressed and our creativity cannot be restrained.

#NeverDisconnect is an online campaign launched by Misk Foundation in response to the precautionary measures taken to control the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 and in pursuit of Misk Foundation’s role in supporting and enabling society members.

Through #NeverDisconnect campaign, Misk Foundation offers a wide range of programs and initiatives, aiming at detaching from the surrounding negativity and reconnecting with the underlying opportunities.

With our programs and initiatives, we take you on a unique journey of learning and development, no matter how dire the circumstances or how overwhelming the obstacles.

Disconnected with the outer space, reconnected through our programs and initiatives!

Art Quiz

The Art Quiz is a weekly competition organized by Misk Art Institute in a tribute to artists that have or had a leading impact in the art sector. The Quiz includes questions that refer back to a short documentary video about the Artist of the week. The questions will be posted every Sunday or Tuesday on Instagram Story and as tweets on Twitter.

#NeverDisconnect with your culture and participate with us.

Misk Digital Volunteering Challenge

In light of the recent event, and in order to garner the potential, skills, and capabilities of the youth and set it towards achieving higher productivity for the greater community, Misk Initiatives Center (MIC) launches the Misk Digital Volunteering Challenge platform.

The platform focuses on three basic challenges: translating scientific articles, designing messages highlighting our noble values, and assessing video games and identifying religious or cultural violations.

This initiative serves as a means to promote the culture of volunteering, even when staying at home, and reinforce the notions of social responsibility and giving back to the community.

#NeverDisconnect with your goodwill and volunteer with us!

Misk Academy Curated Courses

Through this program, Misk Academy provides access to the Coursera library, with over 3,600 diverse online courses and Misk Academy’s curated courses to upskill young leaders and invest in the human capital.

#NeverDisconnect with your aspirations and register now!


Misk Academy VFair

In efforts to connect graduates with leading employers and to facilitate access to employment opportunities under the present circumstances, Misk Academy launched a virtual (online)  career fair that acts as a platform where job seekers can visit hiring partners’ booths, apply for jobs, and even make online job interviews.

It is your chance to meet the best employers and leverage the greatest opportunities. Do not miss this out!

1Hour Panel Talks

An initiative launched by Misk Academy, hosting subject-matter experts in discussions that tackle diverse topics relevant to Misk Academy, such as digital media, machine learning, and leadership in crisis.

Due to the current situation and special measures taken to stop the outbreak of COVID-19, the upcoming sessions will be held online.

  • 1st online session: “The Impact of Technology on Business Activity
    • Sunday, April 5 – at 8:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • 2nd online session: “How Online Training Changed My Career
    • Monday, April 13 – at 8:00 – 9:00 p.m.

#NeverDisconnect with your passion and be part of this event now!

Share Your Daily

A weekly challenge launched by Misk Art Institute to encourage the production of art from home through several art subjects, like painting, photography, sculpting, short movie production, and music. Each week will introduce a new challenge, a new topic, and a new hashtag.

Every week, five winners will be selected and offered the great opportunity to showcase their artwork in an exhibition, documenting our now.

#NeverDisconnect with your creativity and participate with us.

Career Readiness Program

An online training program launched by the Fellowship and Traineeship initiative at Misk Initiatives Center (MIC) aiming to equip students and graduates with the skills needed to get the best employment opportunities.

The program also gives graduates the chance to discover themselves, their skills, labor market requirements, the appropriate opportunities, and the basics of employability.

#NeverDisconnect with your opportunities and participate with us.

Misk Academy Technology Program

A program launched by Misk Academy in cooperation with Udacity, offering a wide range of online technology courses for graduates and undergraduates to equip them with cutting-edge skills  to meet the demands for a fast-changing economy.

#NeverDisconnect with your aspirations and participate with us.