Misk Media Forum 2019 | Riyadh

Misk Media Forum

26 February, 2019, Ritz Carlton, Riyadh
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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The Misk Media Forum is Saudi Arabia’s premier event connecting rising media pioneers with visionary leaders and content creators. Its main goal is to build the skills of Saudi youth by encouraging the exchange of ideas through innovative and collaborative formats.


Hosted by the Initiative Center of Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation ‘Misk’, The Misk Media Forum focuses on the role social media has come to play in our lives. It creates a fast paced, high-voltage environment designed to engage directly with social media leaders and influencers.


More than 3,000 participants from business, government, media and civil society will join an intense one-day program to:

the Misk Media Forum reinforces Saudi Arabia’s leadership in the global conversation about the future of media by profiling homegrown success stories in conversation with some of the most influential leaders and top content creators.


opportunity gaps for innovative youth in social media


hands-on with influential thought leaders and social media innovators


the transfer of skills to youth that will manifest Saudi Arabia as a major contributor of content
creation and a leader in the media industry

Main Theme

Today, social media is the most prominent channel to exchange cultures and thoughts, promoting online creativity across diverse economic sectors, ranging from healthcare to education.


Not only did new social media platforms change the way we connect and interact with others but also it transformed how we plan and build cities, learn, start businesses, and even the way we communicate with governments. Social media networks also escalate local issues globally and vice versa, altering communication methods and social organizations.

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Social media platforms have granted people the freedom of self-expression and the room for creativity. We are pleased to invite Saudi youth to join the exciting discussion about creative content on social media platforms.

Misk Media Forum’s vision lies in connecting social media pioneers today and in the future to make a real impact on the development of this sector.

The forum aims to build the creative skills of Saudi youth, enrich their knowledge, and encourage the exchange of fresh thoughts and ideas. To this end, the Misk Media Forum collaborates with influential partners in the sectors of trade, media, and technology to reinforce the status of Saudi Arabia as a developer of significant projects in the media and social sectors. Through establishing a platform for youth to exchange knowledge, pinpoint market gaps, and encourage innovators to seize potential opportunities, we could change the future of social media.


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Main Plenary

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The Social Arena

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Misk Media Forum 2019

We developed a unique program to enhance cooperative and individual learning through exploratory, interactive and collaborative formats, including:

Keynote presentations, panels and debates featuring global thought leaders and inspiring speakers which will be hosted in the Main plenary in addition to Mentorship opportunities, Workshops , Campfire sessions and Activations will be organized in the Social Arena.


The Misk Media Forum offers a vivid glimpse of the power of creativity to chart a new course for growth. Our unique program features thought leaders, visionary content creators, experts and investors to inspiring homegrown success stories.


The goal of the Misk Media Forum is to build the skills of Saudi youth by encouraging the exchange of ideas through innovative and collaborative formats. To achieve this, we have activated collaborations with a vast network of forward-thinking partners.

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What is the future of the Saudi social media ecosystem? And how will you fit into it? Join us as we chart a new course for growth together!

Misk Media Forum welcomes the creative media leaders and who are excited to collaborate with a diverse group of talented individuals and experts. We review each application carefully and look forward to reading yours.