Misk Media Forum 2019

October 26, 2019, The Ritz-Carlton, Cairo

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Smart Transformations in the Media Industry


From Riyadh.. All the way to Cairo..

All the way to Cairo, Misk Media Forum, mainly organized annually in Riyadh, will gather prominent media influences under one roof with the belief that media, in all its forms and arts, as well as all modern, innovative, and even traditional media platforms, play a magnificent role in keeping pace with global advancements and prosperity of societies.

Media has become the world’s leading change driver and the strongest influence on individuals and communities, given that it is one of the most important tools for shaping public opinion and global decision-making. In this sense, Misk Media Forum aims to put ideas and visions on the table through interactive sessions, panel discussions, and workshops on entrepreneurship in various media fields and the role of youth in enhancing their impact in light of global intelligent technological media advances.

Organized by Misk Initiatives Center, Misk Media Forum is launched to reinforce Saudi Arabia’s leadership in the global conversation about the future of media by profiling homegrown success stories in conversation with some of the most influential leaders and top content creators.


is chosen because it is the beating heart of the Arab civilization, the landmark of science, and the home of many success stories in the fields of media and art.

Forum Objectives

The Forum aims to raise youth’s awareness of media and create solutions and opportunities for the young generation to actively exchange advanced skills in the smart media industry. The Forum aims to:

Raise youth awareness of media solutions and advancement for addressing vital issues in societies.

Explore opportunities for youth in all media fields.

Accelerate the transmission of advanced media skills to Arab youth.

Contribute to enabling the region to consolidate its leading position in the media content industry.

Achieve fruitful communication between young media enthusiasts and influencers.

Topics we will cover

Through panel discussions and workshops held in the Main Hall and the Social Arena, Misk Media Forum’s program tackles various media-relevant topics with the participation of pioneering Gulf, Arab, an international media figures. Forum themes include the role media plays in politics and shaping world public opinion, Cairo’s story in light of Arab media, smart media technologies, media advancements for a warm interaction within the digital community, sports news-breaking in media platforms, how digital marketing is used to overcome customer hesitation, how emerging digital streaming platform surpasses traditional cinemas and TV screens, and finally how pioneering media influencers contribute to the creative content creation industry.

To achieve the optimum results, Misk Media Forum cooperates with influential partners and professional experts to create a positive and instructive impact. We are facing the soft power of ‘trends’ in a new world that sets new horizons and vast opportunities for everybody to be part of the content creation game.


Ambassador Osama Nuqali

Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Cairo Saudi Arabia

H.E. Dr. Osama Haikal

Chairman of Egyptian Media, Culture and Antiquities in the Parliament, Former Egyptian Minister of Media Egypt

Ambassador Hussam Zaki

Assistant General Secretary and President of the General Secretary Office for the Arab League Egypt

Dr. Barakat Alwegyan

TV Presenter Kuwait

Nawaf Al-Temyat

Retired football player Saudi Arabia

Abadi Al-Johar

Composer and Singer Saudi Arabia

Khaled Ameen

​Artist Kuwait


Singer Egypt

Mahmoud Alwerwary

Program presenter in Alarabiya Egypt

Mayssoun Noueihed

TV Presenter at Al-Arabiya Lebanon

Yasser Lorabi

Editor-in-chief of the Algerian new channel Al-Nahar Algeria

Ahdeya Ahmed Al Sayed

President Of Bahrain Journalists Association Egypt

“Smart Transformations in the Media Industry”

Misk Media Forum 2019 | Cairo


Misk Media Forum 2019 | Cairo


The goal of the Misk Media Forum is to build the skills of youth by encouraging the exchange of ideas through innovative and collaborative formats. To achieve this, we have activated collaborations with a vast network of forward-thinking partners.

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