Misk Academy and Manga Productions

Manga Art Lab

In partnership
With Kadokawa Contents Academy


The Kingdom is witnessing major transformations in various fields in alignment with Vision 2030. The animation and the comics industry is no exception as the demand increases for local artists that are globally competitive.

To meet this demand, industry pioneer Manga Productions is partnering with Misk Academy to develop Saudi talents and build the creative digital media landscape in Saudi Arabia. The first Manga Arts Lab will be delivered in Riyadh in cooperation with industry leader Kadokawa Contents Academy to train and develop the next generation of Saudi Manga artists.


The program aims to train a group of exceptional individuals as Manga Artists. Candidates will submit an example of their work based on the specifications detailed in the application section below. The submitted work will be assessed as part of a competition in which the top 25 candidates will be selected to participate in the Manga Arts Lab program. The program offers students the opportunity to develop modern skills and practices in Manga drawing techniques as well as specialized training that qualifies them for the labor market.

Who should attend this program?

This program will cover the following topics and skills

  • Basic Human Anatomy
  • Drawing the Human Face
  • Basic contour techniques
  • Drawing different poses to express the characteristics of the characters
  • Drawing arms and hands from the Human Anatomy
  • Drawing hands in various poses
  • Studying basic Clip Studio Program
  • Practice drawing contour by using a pen tablet
  • Drawing Human Anatomy and clothes
  • Drawing bold lines
  • Studying basic colour painting
  • Digital Comic
  • Character Research
  • Perspective
  • Drawing Manga
  • Manga Storyboard: Studying drawing basics
  • Manga Storyboard: Defining the storyboard
  • Screen Tone
  • Writing Plot

Admission requirements

  1. Saudi National
  2. Age 18-40
  3. Portfolio (a collection of your original art works)  
  4. Minimum of 5 pages of manga
  5. Admitted students will be required to pay a 1,000 SAR administrative fee, which will be refunded upon successful completion of the program requirements.

About Kadokawa


Kadokawa is one of the largest manga publishing companies in Japan. It was established in 1954. The company is known for publishing games, magazines, novels and manga such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass, Fate/ Stay Night, Cowboy Bebop, Deadman Wonderland, Bungo Stray Dogs, and many series of the Mobile Suit Gundam (www.kadokawa-ca.co.jp).