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Misk Academy's mission is to:

empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, makers and innovators through cutting-edge career-focused educational experiences led by the highest-quality faculty.

Misk Academy’s core purpose at heart:

Train and equip young Saudi’s to become the next generation of leaders, developers, animators, filmmakers, designers, and engineers. We focus on quality over quantity

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The Academy features hands-on

innovative, project-based career-focused learning infused with the latest technologies, delivered by outstanding faculty in their fields/industries

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Our Vision

Misk Academy shall become a high-quality thought leader and platform for Leadership, Media and Tech professional education

We want Misk Academy to become a leading academy, thought leader when it comes to Leadership development in the Middle East and in building the next generation of makers, innovators in Creative Digital Media and in Technology

Program focus

Misk Academy has three areas of program focus
Leadership development
Creative Digital Media

Programs delivered in a variety of formats, including face-to-face, online, and blended.

Programs delivered by a mix of in-house and in-sourced faculty from educational partners.

Supported by state of the art facilities and technology.

Research and action think-tank.

Networking events.


Topics within the three areas of program focus

Leadership development

Industry-specific leadership skills (e.g. education, healthcare).

Leading yourself.

Leading others/teams.

Leading organizations.

Business/individual skills.

Strategic skills.

People skills.

Individual skills (e.g. resilience, personal effectiveness, adaptability).

Creative Digital Media

Virtual reality.


Game Design.



App Development.

Big data.

Cyber Security.

Cloud Computing.

Artificial Intelligence.

Internet of Things.