“We seek through Misk Foundation to take initiatives and encourage creativity which ensure its sustainability and growth to contribute in building the human mind”

– Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz


Misk Fellowship/Traineeship identifies talented young Saudis and supports their learning and development from 10th grade through to undergraduate and graduate stages and into the early years of their career. It provides wide-ranging assistance to fellows so they can access world class education establishments and professional traineeship opportunities to fully realise their potential.


Misk Innovation is a comprehensive and uniquely conceptualised ecosystem that aspires to become a global hub for innovation. Misk Innovation will help develop individuals’ potential to become digital innovators, excite entrepreneurial digital solutions to existing challenges, incubate start-up, and support the growth of enterprises of global reach and standing.


Misk Value will enabling society to know about tools on how to measure values and engagement with values and to raise awareness towards lived values within societies (with focus on Saudi Arabia).


Misk Global Forum is an ongoing platform that brings young leaders, creators and thinkers together with established global innovators to explore, experience and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change. It aspires to engage and empower 200m young people globally by 2030.


Community Engagment team will help in preparations for Misk events and programs, in order to achieve intended objectives and engage the community and empower youth in the fields of art, social media, leadership etc.


Our Shared Sevices team will pprovide business units specific services and solutions related to human resources, information technology, finance, legal and facilities.


A Saudi digital animation studio affiliated with MiSK Foundation. Its activities are focused on producing and distributing animation features and video games.
Relaunched in 2017, Manga Productions has several new TV and feature length animations in the pipeline, plus two video games projects, and it is building collaborative networks with highly reputable studios and distributors around the world.


The SMC’s mission is to discover and showcase real-life stories of Saudi youth to the world, while working towards its vision of becoming a pioneering media platform driving a positive image of Saudi youth globally.


The Misk Academy is an exciting new professional studies organization that is establishing a continuously evolving portfolio of courses, certificates, and degree programs where growing professionals can learn what they need to advance their careers by focusing on the leadership, digital media, and technology knowledge and skills they need to achieve their full potential.


Join a contemporary art in the Kingdom with a mission to inspire, train, and showcase Saudi artists and cultural thinkers, and to showcase Saudi art internationally.
A leading cultural innovator in the Kingdom, the Misk Art Institute will have physical locations in Riyadh and in Abha, located in Saudi Arabia’s south west, with programs to train young Saudi artists, sponsor exhibitions at their sites and at galleries abroad, and provide scholarships to international art schools of repute. It also plans to open an international office in London.


Misk City will be an innovation district in Riyadh, primarily focused on talent, that will house Misk entities and create an ecosystem that encourages collaborative innovation to thrive.


The MiSK Science Museum “ILMI” will be the inspirational epicenter of a kingdom that embraces science innovation as the key to its future, and that invests in the potential of its children to be the scientist and innovators of tomorrow.
The Science Museum will be a museum for children and as such its content and program have been designed with the core idea of development and growth. The MiSK Museum will be a museum which will not be defined by a collection. It will be a dynamic and active destination that children and families will want to visit, not one that they think they ought to visit. It will be a place of ideas and a platform for discovery and will be active in its approach to the audience.