Our Story


Misk Innovation aspires to transform Saudi Arabia to become a global centre for purpose-driven innovation. Applying world class practices to the unique requirements and opportunities available in the Kingdom, Misk Innovation will inspire the innovator in everyone in order to elevate KSA to the forefront of global innovation, and develop individuals’ potential to help them become innovators, create solutions to existing challenges, and create innovative ventures of global reach and standing.

Misk Innovation will make innovation empower people, generate lasting and sustainable impact and sustain the well-being of Saudis.draw in global tech talent to support an intensive programme to build the next generation of design thinkers, digital makers, job creators and technology exporters. It aims to modernize mind-sets, transforming individuals from job seekers to job creators, and technology consumers to technology producers. In doing so, it will support both the targets and ambitions of Misk Foundation, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform programme and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, while creating a new model for others to follow.

In order to achieve its objectives, Misk Innovation is working with four types of partners

The Education Sector

Research centers

Incubators accelerators and venture capitalists

National and international organizations and enterprises

Top line communications strategy

Communicate the creation of Misk Innovation, the multitude of opportunities it will offer talented young Saudis, and how international businesses and investors can benefit from supporting innovation in the Kingdom. growing technology
With dreamful innovations and ideas that solve challenges, there must be an ecosystem ready to empower young people and push them towards growing sustainable businesses, that create jobs and transform economies.
Misk Innovation creates an environment where innovation can thrive, by developing an ecosystem that empowers youth to think of the right solutions and grow sustainable businesses that can transform economies.