Misk /Uber Training program

  • Location: Amsterdam

  • Date: July 30th to August 2nd

  • Duration: 4 days

  • Close date: 21/05/2018

Why Data Analytics relevant for uber?

Data analytics is at the heart of Uber’s operations. From predicting marketplace frictions to detecting fraudulent activity, we process and analyze millions of data points in order to improve the experience we offer to our drivers, riders and the cities we serve.

Program details

The workshop will cover introductory topics in Data Analytics and will be taught by Uber’s Analytics team, students will learn more about Uber’s business and how does Uber apply analytics in their day-to-day work.

Then a business case/question will be presented, with every subsequent lesson referring to that and showing how the tools/techniques taught contribute to answering the question. Every session will be highly interactive.

On the last day, participants will have the chance to work themselves on answering the question/solving the business case by making use of all the tools and techniques introduced during the training.

They will be split into different teams and present their output to the whole class, with the top team receiving an award. This workshop will take place in Uber’s EMEA HQ in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Eligibility & Qualifications

  • High Interest in Data Analytics
  • Actively Studying in a University
  • Involved in Extracurricular Activities
  • Strong Academic Performance (3.5/4 CGPA and Above)
  • All Majors are accepted except Computer Sciences, Math & Statistics (Exceptions Will Be Made for First/Second Year Students on The Mentioned Majors)
  • Passing Uber’s Analytics test


Close date: 21/05/2018