Misk /Smaat Training Program

  • Location: Riyadh

  • Date: Multiple dates

  • Duration: Nine days, inclusive of both theoretical and practical training

  • Target: University students

  • Close date: 15/10/2018

Overview on Smaat

Today, Smaat is one of the leading digital media and digital marketing companies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. The Company was established in 2012 along with the social media boom. In a short period of time, Sama’at has achieved great successes and earned the trust of many government and private organizations. This accomplishment lead to the inauguration of its international offices in the UAE and Egypt. 

Sama’at aims to be a world-class digital marketing, digital media and information technology champion and pursues its mission adopting four main values: Passion, innovation, excellence, and commitment. Sama’at also has strategic partnerships with global companies, such as Google and Snapchat, to expand its services.

Program Overview

Misk Foundation offers training opportunities in cooperation with Smaat Company in the fields of digital media, digital marketing, creative content, and social media management. The Training program aims at utilizing the global digital transformation and contributing to the localization of this trend by providing the participants with the required knowledge.

The Nine-day training programs offer both theoretical and practical training by practicing daily work at Sama’at Company. Through this program, participants will be exposed to the most prominent and frequently used social media platforms and will learn how to manage these platforms to meet the client’s goals and objectives. Participants will also practice content development for a specific target audience and learn about the multimedia industry.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must be senior students in one of the following majors:
    • Media and Communications
    • Public Relations
    • Marketing
    • Arabic Language
    • English Language
    • Graphic Design
  • For Graduate applicants: Graduated less than two years ago.
  • GPA: 75% or higher:
    • 3.75 out of 5
    • 3.00 out of 4
    • 75% out of 100%
  • Applicants must be Saudi nationals.
Date of Training Open application
Training: 25th to 29th March
Practical: 2nd to 4th April
Training: 22nd to 26th July
Practical: 30th of July to 1st of August
Training: 28th of Oct to 1st of November
Practical: 5th of November to 7th of November


Close date: 15/10/2018