Misk / SIDF Internship Program

  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Date: July 2020

  • Period: Minimum of 2 months

  • Target:

  • Benefit: Monthly reward

  • Deadline: 28/3/2020

About SIDF

Over the past four decades, the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) has financially empowered Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector with the development of industry, the Saudi people and economy at the heart of their efforts. Contributing effectively to the realization of the goals, policies and programs of the Kingdom’s industrial development, by offering finance products and advisory services to provide strategic alternatives other than crude oil.

SIDF’s vision is to be the financial enabler of Saudi Arabia’s industrial evolution. Their mission is to develop & diversify the Saudi economy by shaping the industrial landscape and encouraging and supporting priority sectors and competitive enterprises.

About the internship

In cooperation with Misk Foundation, SIDF offers Saudi students in local and international universities the opportunity to join the COOP program and get customized hands-on experience in their areas of study. The internship programs will last for six to twenty-eight weeks, through which students will gain genuine practical experience in an exceptional working environment.

Eligibility and qualifications

  1. Saudi Arabian citizen
  2. Students majored in one of the following specializations:
    1. Marketing
    2. Economics
    3. Statistics
    4. Electrical Engineering
    5. Mechanical Engineering
    6. Industrial Engineering
    7. Chemical Engineering
    8. Human Resources
    9. Computer Science and Information Systems
    10. Finance
    11. MIS
    12. Accounting
  3. Minimum overall preferred GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale/4 on a 5.0 scale (80%) Priority is given to candidates with the highest GPAs.
  4. Excellent command of English
  5. Specializing in one of the above stated majors
  6. Successfully passing the interview
  7. The duration of the training required by the university must be at least two months.
  8. Applicant must not have graduated from his/her university.
  9. Applicants must complete the training internship in full.


Deadline: 28/3/2020