Misk NextGen Program

At Misk, we aim to enable future leaders to forge ambitious and authentic paths for themselves by taking them on an adventure of self-discovery outside of the classroom to power their inner potential.

Registration will be closed on 08 May, 2021

Program details

What is Misk NextGen?
Misk NextGen is a first of its kind practical learning and leadership development outdoor bootcamp, designed to give Saudi students the opportunity to explore and ignite their inner potential.

The 5-day program is especially designed to take participants out of their comfort zone and present them with challenges which will shape them into the leaders of tomorrow.

NextGen is an authentic and unparalleled challenging adventure often missing in other educational programs. It will accelerate the development of participants and take their leadership skills to the next level.

This journey of self-discovery in a stimulating outdoor setting will allow participants to build and strengthen their character and develop the leadership skills essential to becoming the Saudi leaders of tomorrow.

If you are ambitious, daring and looking for the challenging adventure that will empower you to unearth your inner potential, then Misk NextGen bootcamp is for you.

Program Pillars:

Immersive & Challenging
By going outside of your comfort zone, the bootcamp will provide you with the opportunity to self-reflect and the space to develop a different perspective for accelerated learning and development. During this bootcamp, you will also develop your self-awareness, increase your resilience and understand the value of relating to others and the larger community.

Experiential & Intensive
The program provides plentiful opportunities for active and experiential learning with focus on soft and interpersonal skills such as adaptability, effective communication, and teamwork, in addition to developing participants’ problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Program Dates:
High School cohort (8 Aug-12 Aug, 2021)
University cohort (15 Aug-19 Aug, 2021)

Program location:
In KSA (exact location will be shared with accepted participants later)

Due to the current circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programs are subject to change or cancellation based on health and safety requirements and precautions.

Eligibility Criteria

At Misk, we carefully review all applications and select candidates based on their character, motivation and achievements in order to ensure a coherent and robust group of learners that will enable knowledge exchange. Therefore, we are seeking individuals who are willing to challenge themselves, inspire others and are determined to make an impact wherever they get involved.

To qualify, you must satisfy the criteria below:

  • A Saudi citizen
  • High school students: 11-12 grade students with strong academic performance (GPA equal to or above 90%)
  • University students (Undergraduate): Juniors or seniors with strong academic performance (GPA equal to or above 3/4 or 4/5)
  • Proficient in English (speaking and writing) with the following scores:
    • TOEFL score of 60 or above
    • IELTS Academic score of 5.5 or above
    • Duolingo test score of 90 or above
  • Show evidence of leadership potential
  • Previously involved in community work
  • Personally willing to fully commit and engage in an intensive program

Joining Requirements

  • National ID
  • Academic certificates (including transcripts and GPA scores)
  • English language proficiency test results in any of the following (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo)
  • Proof of previous participation in extracurricular activities or other projects, where applicable.

Selection Process

Apply for the Misk NextGen Program in four steps

NextGen Application Timeline 2021

Online Application


01 April - 08 May



11 April - 20 May



11 April - 20 May




  All applicants who submitted a complete application to the Misk NextGen Program will be notified of the final decision, either of acceptance or rejection, via email.  


Does the program target a specific age group?

Yes, the program targets two groups:

  • 2nd and 3rd year high school students (Grade 11 & 12)
  • Junior & Senior year undergraduate university students

Please note that the program will be delivered to each group separately.

Does NextGen require specific majors for university students?

No, NextGen does not require specific majors to join the program.

Does the program target Saudi nationals only?

Yes, the program targets Saudi nationals only.

Is joining the NextGen program free?

Yes, joining the NextGen program is free as Misk will cover the entire cost including domestic flights (within KSA), accommodation, meals, and tuition/training fees.

Is it possible to join the program late or leave early?

No, participants must be present during the whole program journey and activities.

Do I need to have prior experience in certain outdoor activities?

No, prior experience in outdoor activities is not required. However, based on the anticipated demands of the program and the active nature of the outdoor activities, a basic level of physical fitness is expected.

What safety and COVID-19 protective measures will be taken during the program?

The program will strictly abide by the regulations of the Ministry of Health regarding COVID-19 protection measures. In addition, paramedics will be available on site at all times to ensure the safety of all participants and instructors.

Where will this program take place?

The program will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The exact location will be communicated to the applicants later once they are accepted.

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