NEOM/Misk Internship Program

  • Location: Riyadh NEOM Headquarters*

  • Date: April/May 2019

  • Duration: 8 - 12 weeks

  • Deadline: 14/4/2019

Note: Some interns may be required to work at the NEOM site


NEOM in association with Misk is launching an opportunity for young leaders across a range of disciplines (Engineering, IT, Marketing, Architecture, Urban Planning/Design, Aviation) to develop their abilities through a comprehensive learning experience at NEOM.

The NEOM/Misk Internship Program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s brightest minds as they develop and build NEOM, ‘the land of the future, where the greatest minds and best talents are empowered to embody pioneering ideas and exceed boundaries in a world inspired by imagination’

Students will also enjoy weekly events and interactions with senior management, the internship cohort and some of the world’s thought leaders across a diverse range of disciplines/sectors.

This is a unique opportunity to play your part in shaping to the future of Saudi Arabia (and the World) learning from a team designing and developing the most ambitious future focused project in the world. There are opportunities to work across the following key Sectors and Divisions within NEOM:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Aviation
  • Urban Development
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT

Program details

You will be based at NEOM HQ in Riyadh and will be assigned to an existing Sector/Project team. A NEOM staff member will be assigned as your mentor for the entire program.

Following an intensive induction and orientation period, you will work alongside designated NEOM team members as they complete their tasks and collaborate with other areas of the business. Some interns may work at the NEOM site for part of the term of the internship. As part of the program all interns will have an opportunity to visit NEOM.

This is not an opportunity for those who prefer working in solitude; you will be expected to support your team in a hands-on capacity throughout the program. Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are all skills you’ll exceed in, as you’ll use them every day.

You will also complete an individual project throughout the program and present your conclusions to the teams from Misk and NEOM in the final week.

Participants will be encouraged to join other team activities such as sports and social events.

Eligibility & Qualifications

  • Currently in final year of study in (or have completed within the past 2 years and must not be currently employed) one of the following types of degrees:
    • Engineering (Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, Control Systems, Instrumentation)
    • Urban Planning (Design)
    • Architecture
    • Computer Science/Information Systems
    • Tourism/Hospitality
    • Cybersecurity
    • Law
    • Facilities Management
    • Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Communications (Public Relations)
    • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
  • Interested in research, innovation and leadership.
  • GPA of 3.75/5.0 or better
  • TOEFL, IELTS (equivalent to 90 and above in TOEFL)

The following are the Sectors/Departments offering the internship opportunities at NEOM. Each Sector/Department will determine both, the number and the specific professional discipline they require based upon current operational & project requirements, to ensure they can offer a rich and varied experience to participants. Please make sure you clearly state in your application which Sector/Department you are interested in applying to.

Sector/ Department Professional Discipline
Urban Development
  • Architect (Commercial Design)
  • Architect (Urban Design)
  • Economist
  • Engineer (ICT)
NEOM Bay Operations
  • Engineers
    • Architectural
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Civil
    • IT/Computer Science
    • Cybersecurity
    • Safety
    • Control Systems
    • Instrumentation
  • Urban Planning
  • Safety – Fire Safety
  • Security (All Disciplines)
  • Facilities Management (Planning & Management)
NEOM Bay Construction
  • Engineer
    • Civil
    • Mechanical
  • Architect (Commercial Design)
  • Engineer
    • Water
    • Civil
    • Chemical Engineering
  • Tourism/Hospitality (Master Level)
  • Engineer (Electrical)
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting (Management)
  • Finance (Corporate)
  • Design (Graphic/Digital)
  • Public Relations/Media
  • Information Systems (Web Development/Business
  • Automation
  • Marketing
  • Aviation/Aerospace
Sea Mobility
  • Business & Management (Strategy & Logistics


Deadline: 14/4/2019