Misk /Nagoya Training program: Advanced Technology and Tasks in Automotive Engineering

  • Location: Japan

  • Date: 10th of June to 23th of July 2019

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Target: Senior undergraduate or graduate status

  • Close date: 3/3/2019


In cooperation with Nagoya University, Misk Foundation and Manga Productions offers an opportunity for current and recently Senior undergraduate and graduate Saudi students to enroll in a training program in the field of automotive engineering in Japan. Commencing in June, 2019, the course is designed for male and female undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of Engineering and Automotive technologies. All costs for the program, including lodging and transportation, will be covered.

Overview on Nagoya University

Nagoya University, located in Nagoya city in Japan, is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. It was founded in 1871 and chartered in 1939 as the last Imperial University among seven in Japan. Six faculties and alumni of the University have won the Nobel Prize in science. It has nine faculties and thirteen graduate schools. As of May 1, 2016, the number of administrative and technical staffs is 3,867 and the number of undergraduate students is 10,144 and that of graduate students is 6,269. Nagoya University also receive many students from all over the world. Today, 2137 international students from 95 countries are studying at Nagoya University.

Overview of the Nagoya University Summer Intensive Program (NUSIP)

In order to expand students-exchange with international partner universities, the Department of Engineering decided to organize a summer program for international students and students of Nagoya University. Nagoya city is the capital of Aichi Prefecture. Aichi prefecture is located in the central region of Japan and this region is known as the ‘Center of Production in Japan’. Manyglobal industries, for example, Toyota Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have their main factories in Aichi Prefecture. Now the prefectural GDP is almost equal to countries such as Denmark and Thailand. Taking advantage of our campus location, which has good access to some of the plants of the world’s largest automotive companies, the Department of Engineering decided to have a summer program called the Nagoya University Summer Intensive Program (NUSIP). The focus of this program to tackle the “Latest Advanced Technology and Tasks in Automotive Engineering”. After spending about two years of preparation, the framework for the Summer Program was established and Nagoya University has been accepting students since 2008.

Outline of NUSIP

Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus

  • Lectures on the Latest Advanced Technology and Tasks in Automotive Engineering (400 level, 3 credits). Every lecture is taught in English.
  • Elementary Japanese Language Course (100 level, 3 credits). Students with previous Japanese language experience will be offered more advanced language course.
  • Automobile industry factory and laboratory visits.
  • Cultural excursions.

Admission and Eligibility requirements

  • Majors: Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering
  • Applicants must be of senior undergraduate or graduate status during the NUSIP period
  • Applicants must demonstrate high proficiency in English.
    • A TOEFL score of 550 <CBT=213; iBT=79>
    • TOEIC score of 730
    • IELTS overall score of 5.5, or the equivalent
    • Applicants should attach a copy of the official score record to the application


Close date: 3/3/2019