Misk Future Path - Online

  • Location: Online

  • Date: Weekly starting April 7

  • Duration: 6 hours

  • Target:

  • Program language: Arabic/English


Misk Foundation offers the opportunity for registration to the Future Path Program that provides youth with the essential skills to compete and excel in the job market. This program is offered via an interactive e-learning platform. It is presented and mentored by expertise supporting our youth offering them all it takes for their future path. 

We are targeting individuals who are eager to improve themselves and pave their path to be successful employees. We support those who seek to be aspiring leaders in their future positions among their society and their organizations. 

This is a valuable opportunity offering you a great chance to improve your essential skill for a successful career path. So don’t miss this chance! 

Program details

Are you ready for applying to that dream internship or job? Yet, what makes you stand out among all other applicants? 

Now is your chance to learn how to find your job by applying for MISK’s Career Readiness Essentials Program. 

By applying to this program, you will learn the basic tactics to polish your resume, the best ways to prepare for a job interview and the essential skills for social networking, which all give you a greater chance for getting employed. 

What’s in it for you

Join thousands of Saudi students worldwide and enroll to this online program that will give you exclusive access to three of the most essential courses:

Course 1: Career Roadmap

When you were younger, what was your dream job? What do you want to be now? It’s natural for your career goals to change and evolve over time. 

Throughout this course, you will develop a career roadmap—your personal map that will help you focus on achieving your professional goals. You will learn how to create a balance among your passion, interest and your strengths. You will learn how to foster all that into creating a plan that moves you towards the professional field you aspire. 

Course 2: Personal Pitch

In order to get to your dream job, you should learn how to get attract employers. Telling anecdotes sharing real-life experiences are attractive examples you may use during a job application. This course will support your skills in areas such as: writing a summary of your resume, cover letter short resume.  All these give you a greater chance to reach your dream job.

Course 3: Interview and Networking

Of all the skills you have  learned up to this point, interview and networking skills may be the most important. Yet, building a network is another essential skill you should learn. This course will support you in building connections and navigating a challenging interview process. This course will help you develop these critical networking skills to support your interview skills.

Eligibility & Qualifications

  • Program is open to Fresh graduate students and students who seek graduation.
  • Target Majors:  All majors.
  • Eligible candidates must commit to completing the program.