Misk /Bloomberg Journalism training

  • Location: Dubai, UAE

  • Date: 8th of September 2019

  • Duration: one week

  • Target: interested in pursuing a career in journalism and media

  • Deadline: 30th of July 2019

Important Notice:
Please note that the candidates selected for the Bloomberg Journalism Program will have to cover their own traveling, accommodation and living expenses. Submitting your application confirms that you are able to cover such costs for the five days training in Dubai.


In cooperation with Bloomberg News, Misk Foundation offers an opportunity for current and recently graduated Saudi students to enroll in a training program in the field of journalism in Dubai. Starting on September 8th, 2019, this course is designed for male and female undergraduate/graduate/recently-graduated students focusing on a career in journalism, media, communications and related fields.

Bloomberg’s brand of journalism centers on the financial markets and the economy, and the course will focus on journalism as it relates to covering the business and financial world. 

About Bloomberg News

Founded in 1990, Bloomberg News is the world’s leading agency in economic and financial news with over 2,600 journalists and analysts around the globe. It is headquartered in New York City.

Program details

This program is an intensive, one-week workshop that will run from 9 am to 5 pm each day, and be based in Bloomberg’s newsroom in Dubai. This workshop will be taught primarily in English, with sections in Arabic as well, and will provide participants unparalleled access to a leading organization in journalism, and to some of the most influential people in the industry.

Throughout the course, students will interact directly with Bloomberg’s journalists to learn first-hand how reporters and editors put their journalism skills to work. 

Eligibility & Qualifications

  • Applicants must be interested in pursuing a career in journalism, media, investor relations or any other communications-related field
  • Applicants should have an interest in the financial markets, or be open/excited to learn more about them
  • All majors are welcome to apply; we especially encourage those with the following majors:
    • Media and Journalism
    • Communications
    • Investor Relations/PR
    • English-Applied Linguistics
  • Applicants must demonstrate high proficiency in English through a writing sample and by submitting a short video; there may also be a phone interview
  • Prior coursework or work experience in writing, journalism, media, public relations, or other communications fields is helpful, but not mandatory
  • Ideal candidate experience levels range from 3rd or 4th year of university through up to 3 years of work experience


Deadline: 30th of July 2019