Misk / ANB Internship Program

  • Location: Riyadh

  • Start date: 15th of March, 2020

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Target:

  • Close date: 29th February 2020


As a comprehensive commercial bank. ANB caters to the diverse needs of its clients, both corporate and individuals, and it is keen to serve its large and varied customer base which exceeds two million through an extensive distribution network of 287 sites spanning all regions of the Kingdom.

Program details

The program aims to recruit talented and highly motivated Saudi graduates from leading universities in Saudi Arabia and abroad, and prepare them for a career within the banking industry. The program will cover several business lines and support functions as well as key professional skills. Program provides an excellent induction into a banking career.

Eligibility & Qualifications

  • Saudi Nationals, 22 to 28 years of age
  • Recent Bachelor or Master university graduate. Preferred majors include accounting, finance, IT, MIS, computer science, and cyber security.
  • Minimum GPA Good or equivalent (high GPAs preferred)
  • Analytical and interpersonal skills 
  • English fluency (speaking and writing)
  • Strong work ethics and team spirit


Close date: 29th February 2020