15 Jan 202115 Jan 2021

Empowerment of Today, Future of Tomorrow

Do you have a strong motive to expand your professional and personal skills? Do you aspire to make a positive impact with a network of talented young Saudis? 

Join Misk Fellowship Program and turn your dream into reality! 

You can now register for Misk Fellowship Program and join an amazing network of inspiring young talents that has been established since 2017 and grown to include more than 150 fellows to share a unique experience that will redefine your goals.  

Over 6 months, fellows will go through a four-phase journey, which aims to develop ambitious young professionals and empower them to be leaders of the future change locally and globally. 

Fellows must complete a program of four pillars that focus on: 

1- Exposure to Personal Development 

2- Exposure to Impact Creation Opportunities 

3- Exposure to Professional Experiences 

4- Exposure to Networks 

Launch confidently into the future and participate in shaping a prosperous tomorrow for your community and country. 

Join the Misk Fellowship Program today (registration link).