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At Misk Foundation, we believe that a promising future is build by the teams of today. Driven by our ambitions to contribute actively to the Kingdom's development, the Foundation has launched an exceptional Fellowship program to empower and develop talented youth to lead and contribute to a positive change.

What is Misk fellowship program?

Beginning in 2017, we launched an ambitious program to refine the skills of Saudi youth showing high competencies and grand aspirations. The program seeks to enable talented Saudis to join a network of prominent leaders who possess creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills along with ambitious visions and loyalty to the Kingdom. 

We, at Misk Fellowship, support young talents by developing their leadership skills to be prepared to lead a positive change and to compete on a local and global scale.  

Thus far, more than 220 Misk Fellows have realized substantial achievements in leadership, volunteering, creativity, and innovation in diverse disciplines worldwide. 

Program Pillars

Misk Fellows go through a 4-phase program over a 6-month period. The program focuses on empowering and enabling fellows to be the leaders of change, both locally and globally.

Exposure to Personal Development

Boosting leadership skills for Misk Fellows by enhancing their knowledge of leadership foundations and practicing relevant skills

This part of the program aims to develop Misk Fellows’ leadership skills and to enhance their knowledge of leadership foundations, techniques, and applications through the following: 


Personal Coaching Program 

Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions to assist each fellow in establishing and planning personal goals, improving self-awareness and cultivating leadership skills to secure unique opportunities ahead.  


Leadership Bootcamp 

An intensive bootcamp delivered by prominent leadership organizations to introduce the fellows to leadership concepts and expand their knowledge of leadership methods through interactive engagements and multiple team activities. 


Leadership Webinars 

Leadership webinars are organized in cooperation with local and international exceptional leaders and experts to share leadership insights. These webinars allow for deep and interactive discussions on ways to overcome leadership obstacles and to learn about essential principalsIn addition to enabling the Fellows to strengthen their network and exchange knowledge and expertise.  

Exposure to Impact Creation Opportunities

Empowering Misk Fellows to become leaders and change agents in Saudi Arabia and around the world

In this phase, fellows will participate in unique opportunities intended to support them to become effective leaders and exceptional figures in the positive change occurring in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Fellows can take part in relevant activities and initiatives as follows: 

Misk Fellowship Competition 

The Misk Fellowship Competition intended to uncover innovativeand creative ideas leading to effective solutions that serve national priorities. Participants are supported by specialists and experts from top global and local organizations throughout their competition journey. 

Knowledge Sharing 

Profound discussions and knowledge sharing sessions will be coordinated and led by Fellows to exchange expertise and knowledge.  


Mentoring Program 

A mentoring program with the Misk Network that fellows can participate in as a mentor or mentee with a network of leaders, Fellows, and other Misk Foundation beneficiaries. 



Volunteering in available opportunities with either the Misk Foundation or other organizations. 

Exposure to Professional Experiences

Refining Misk Fellows’ professional skills by engaging them in practical experiences to pursue a promising professional career with confidence and competence  

This part of the program aims to enable Misk fellows to develop their expertise and refine their various skills by practice and application, which directly contributes to elevate their career and paves the way for fellows to achieve success via the following: 


Career Coaching 

 Monthly one-to-one sessions that aim to support the fellows in career planning based on their abilities and skills. These sessions will assist the fellows to define their professional goals and create a practical plan that will help them to overcome most of the challenges possibly coming on their way. 


Placement Opportunities 

 Joining internships and employment programs in top companies and organizations through the available Misk opportunities (if any).

Exposure to Networks

Establishing an inspirational network for Misk Fellows to collectively exchange expertise, increase knowledge, and discover collaboration opportunities

Misk Fellowship enables the fellows to build a strong and collaborative network to exchange expertise, knowledge, and opportunities through:  

Networking sessions 

 Physical or virtual networking sessions with the Misk Fellowship Program Network or others. 

Program Journey

Over a 6-month period, Misk Fellows will experience an enriching journey.  During this time, they will develop personal and professional skills and lead a positive change for Saudi Arabia. From one stage to the other, and within a network of fellows, experts, and mentors, Misk's fellows will embark on an enjoyable and inspiring journey in all aspects. They will carry in their minds and souls the outcomes of rich, exceptional, and profound experiences.


  • 01Fellowship Leadership Bootcamp
  • 02Launching the Misk Fellowship Competition
June 2022
Two weeks


  • 01Personal and Career Coaching Program
  • 02Fellowship Competition - (Execution Phase)
  • 03Leadership Webinars
  • 04Networking Sessions
  • 05Mentoring Program
July - December 2022
6 Months
Virtual Engagement


This phase includes the Annual Fellowship Gathering which comprises:

  • 01Fellowship competition (judging round and closing ceremony)
  • 02Graduation ceremony for fellows who completed the program
  • 03Knowledge exchange sessions
  • 04Presentations of research projects
December 2022
One day


In this phase, the Fellowship alumni will engage in various activities that contribute to their self-development and empowers them to create a better future for the community and our country through the following means:

  • 01Attending networking events
  • 02Volunteering in different activities and projects at Misk
  • 03Participating in leadership webinars and knowledge sharing sessions
Note: Due to the current circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programs are subject to change or cancellation based on health and safety requirements and precautions.

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